Rookie Chef Review


We were sent a Rookie Chef kid-size kitchen island and accessory bundle to review and tell you about.

Overall, I think this is a super cute idea. It’s height-adjustable and will grow with your children. You can teach them to cook and bake at their level – literally!

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The Rookie Chef system is touted as super high-end furniture, and with a price tag of close to $350 with accessories bundle, I would certainly hope so!  Our cart arrived, packed well, and we got to work building it.

So, what did we think?  Two main issues, which are hopefully resolved at this point. First: their included instructions were ridiculously lacking. They actually put together a video showing how to build it, which was much better. I sent them my recommendations for updating the written instructions, which I hope were helpful. So, that part should resolve itself and not be an issue for the end consumer – you.


rookie-chef-review-defective-part rookie-chef-review-crooked-knob rookie-chef-review-bent-chipped-paint rookie-chef-review-too-long-screw  rookie-chef-review-cheap-hardware-cracked

Aside from that, building it took several hours (which they said it would). Not long into it, we stopped because three of the main type of screws had broken off inside the wood. Again, this was a learning experience, and the owner of the company was attentive to our issues. She overnighted new, stronger screws – and a replacement for a defective piece – to us. The new screws fixed the original problem, but caused another problem. Not only were they much stronger (and better), but the new screws were LONGER and subsequently went too far into the wood, causing the finish to dimple on the other side. Not great. A few more issues we had: the knob ends of the towel rack had and chunks of wood & paint missing/broken, and the already-attached screws were crooked so they went in crooked and look bad. One of the handles needed to be bent to fit, but that was a relatively easy fix.

When we finally got it built, it was very nice and seems solid. But, honestly, I worry that the first (cheap) screws might not hold up well. If I had paid $350 for this, I would be furious. They did offer to return the item and said several times that nobody else has had these problems. Might it be an isolated thing? Maybe. However, I’m in a group of review bloggers who all had the same issues. I hope the company splurges for slightly more expensive hardware which would resolve all of the issues I had.



  • Super cute idea
  • Kids loved it!
  • Beautiful butcher block top
  • Seems solid (but see notes above)


  • Building Instructions were terrible (should be fixed by now)
  • The original hardware was cheap – screws broke off in the wood, handles had to be bent to fit and knobs of towel bar were bent (hopefully they’re changing this)

The most important part:  What the kids thought!

Enjoy our video of my daughter and her friends making chocolate chip cookies! They really liked the Rookie Chef kitchen island and accessories set.  After making the cookies, we brought them to a local nursing home to share with the residents.