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Pretzel Crisps Review

Pretzel Crisps Review. Taste great and amazingly tasty and fun pairings. You really need to try these! Pretzels Crisps® are a great alternative to chips!


Pretzel Crisps Review

When the folks at Pretzel Crisps® asked the Gimmie Girls to review their yummy, low-calorie snacks, I thought “that’s nice.”  I like pretzels. I like low-calorie snacks. I like Pretzel Crisps®. What else am I going to say?

So, we got this awesome shipment you see above. In it were lots of different flavors, a reusable bag that looks like the regular Pretzel Crisps® and most importantly – something I never realized until I did this review – each of the bag secretly has the most excellent suggestions for what to pair Pretzel Crisps® with!  Since I was not prepared for the yumminess I was about to encounter, I just used my imagination.  I tasted each of the flavors, looked at the bag and thought, “oh YEAH that would be good!”

So then I started gathering things to pair with my Pretzel Crisps®, and try the suggestions pictured on the package. I must say, it was a party!  We had a whole spread and it was absolutely delish!!  Check out the pairings and recipes on their website. They have some GREAT ideas!!

But don’t take my word for it!  Here’s what the other Gimmie Girls thought:

Trish: When I received my Pretzel Crisps at my doorstep I was surprised! There were so many delicious flavors to try! I got 9 different varieties and flavors of Pretzel Crisps. Garlic Parmesan, Sesame, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Honey Mustard & Onion, Original, Buffalo Wing, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and Jalapeno Jack. The first one I wanted to try out, which ended up being my favorite, were the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper ones. I have never tried Pretzel Crisps before and these were DELICIOUS! They flavor was fantastic and the crisp makes you feel like you are actually eating a chip rather than a pretzel. My husband’s favorite flavor was the Honey Mustard & Onion, he ate almost the entire bag in one day! The bold flavors are fantastic with dips. We tried the Jalapeno Jack and the Chipotle Cheddar crisps with a basic cheese sauce and they paired great with it! I enjoyed pairing these crisps with slices of block cheeses as well, the shape and style is perfect for layering with cheeses or dipping into a dip. The most favorite combination as voted by the entire family, was using the Original crisps and dipping them into a chocolate spread. Nothing better than a sweet and salty snack in my opinion! All of these flavors were great, there wasn’t a flavor that we didn’t enjoy even the more bold and spicy flavors like Buffalo Wing. We usually aren’t a huge fan of pretzels in our home but these were fantastic! The crunch in them is awesome, it’s really like eating a very crunchy chip! The flavors are amazing, nice and bold but not over powering to the pretzel flavor. They are all natural and baked which is also perfect! I would much rather my family snack on these rather than greasy potato chips any day! These would be great with cheese spreads, any type of dips, sliced cheeses and meats. These will definitely end up being a regular snack in our home now!

Debbie: My family and I are definitely carbaholics. We can down a bag of pretzels in a couple of days. The Pretzel Chips from Snack Factory are a carb lover’s dream. First of all, it’s not too bready like most pretzels. It’s just the outer, crispy layer…my favorite part! I received 9 different flavors of Pretzel Crisps: Original, Garlic Parmesan, Sesame, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Honey Mustard & Onion, Buffalo Wing, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and Jalapeno Jack. My personal favorites were Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper and Everything. My husband liked the Garlic Parmesan and the kids liked the Sesame and Original. They were great for dipping in salsa and hummus. I liked that they were light and crispy and went well with sandwiches (but way healthier).
My only complainant about the chips was that a good number of them were broken. That could have been due to the way they were shipped. But I did enjoy the pretzel crisps and they are a great, healthy alternative to chips. I highly recommend Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps and will definitely buy them in the near future!

Laurie & Joe: If you go to the Pretzel Crisp webpage or Facebook page, you’ll see that their slogan is “Rethink Your Pretzel!” … and boy is that appropriate. I’ve enjoyed Pretzel Crisps for a long time, but did not realize they had flavors besides “Original.” In reality, they have many more flavors! (apparently I need to get out more, lol).
There are eight Deli Style flavors, four Modern Classics, two Holiday Indulgent (available once a year), two Everyday Indulgent, and two Minis flavors. WOW! They have great pairing ideas right on the package, plus more pairings and also recipes on their web page. We tried many of the pairing suggestions and were amazed over and over again as to how simple, yet really tasty they were. I tried their recipe for prosciutto & asparagus on “Everything” pretzels (see picture above).

They’re healthy too! Pretzels Crisps® are a great alternative to potato chips and other snack foods. They contain no saturated or trans fats, are 110 calories per serving and 0-2 grams of fat (10-11 crisps) compared with 150 calories and 10 gram of fat (1 g saturated) per one ounce serving for potato chips.

We sampled all of the “Deli Style” flavors. A couple of the flavors were too spicy for me, but my husband loved them. Of course, he wants to just chow down on the plain pretzel crisps while I’m trying to get him to try the pairing suggestions, lol. I think that the pairings that put something sweet (like apple, grape, etc.) are especially intriguing. Get that sweet & salty combination going and it’s very tasty.

My husband says: these are great for snacking, you can have a good amount and still be low calorie. The flavored ones are great by themselves (and great for dieting) and when combined cheese or dip make some tasty combinations. The only two things I did not like so well (but it would not stop me from buying them) are: 1. Some of them get broke up into pieces too small to dip or put something on. 2. When you eat some of the flavored ones the flavor stuff gets all over your fingers.

As you have probably guessed… Pretzel Crisps get two thumbs up at our house.

Heather: Oh boy, I love Pretzels!  So, I was in Heaven when a BIG box of Pretzel Crisps arrived at my doorstep! I’m pretty sure they sent a bag of every flavor they carry which includes: Original, Garlic Parmesan, Sesame, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Honey Mustard & Onion, Buffalo Wing, Everything, Chipotle Cheddar and Jalapeno Jack!  I love having variety in my food, and Pretzel Crisps truly offer something to fit all off my savory cravings!

Pretzel Crisps are made nice, and thin to mimic a chip, just perfect for dipping or adding some goodies on top! They are a fantastic alternative to regular chips, all the while maintaining that delicious classic pretzel flavor, and crunch. It was difficult to narrow it down, but I think the Mustard & Onion is my favorite, with Garlic Parm a close second! My hubby (who is NOT a pretzel fan) went straight for the Buffalo Wing, and Jalapeno Jack flavors, and he LOVED them!  I served these paired with my Quick Party Cheese Ball recipe on Easter this year, and I had to break out a back up bag! Some people were actually scooping up, and eating their salads with them! Pretzels are finally being seen as more than just a *beer snack*, and they are all the rage right now with restaurants creating special Pretzel bun sandwiches. Pretzel Crisps are plain & simple – really good! We all absolutely enjoyed giving these a try! I would love to see some sweet or dessert flavors offered in the future.