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Pillow Pet Tricksters Helmet Review

Pillow Pet Tricksters Helmet Review – Make wearing protective gear fun! 5 cute designs: LuLu Leopard, Panda, Puppy, Rainbow Bear and Flower Power Cat


Pillow Pet Tricksters Helmet Review

The newest in the Pillow Pets line – Tricksters Helmet. New for Spring 2014, this cute, plush pet will protect your child like no other plush!  Be the first one on your block to get a Pillow Pet Trickster Helmet! They’re available in five styles for you to choose from, and they fit most kids age 8 and under.

Check out what the GimmieGirls thought of our Pillow Pet Trickster Helmets!  We also reviewed a Pillow Pet Hoodie (scroll down) which is absolutely adorable!

Wendy My little girl’s old bike helmet was ready to be replaced. So, when we were offered Tricksters helmets we jumped at the chance!  My daughter LOVES her Pillow Pets, and since this helmet looks like a plush stuffed friend – it is just too cute for words.  We labored over which one to get. I thought for sure she would choose the pink one, but she surprised me by wanting the brown puppy. I guess it’s not that much of a stretch; she loves anything to do with dogs! Tricksters Helmets are the only plush helmets on the market compliant with CPSC and ASTMf1492 safety standards. The helmets are safety-certified for not only bicycles, but skateboards, rollerblades, and scooters as well. Tricksters Helmets are available in two different sizes: small for children ages 3-5 years and medium for children ages 5-7 years.  My daughter is 8, and has kind of a big head (lol) but her helmet fits her perfectly with room to grow. They’re adjustable so they fit snug. Trickster Helmets are available now for $29.99 MSRP online at or at select specialty retailers nationwide.

Heather My little girl is 5, and just now learning how to ride a bike.  So, our Tricksters helmet could not have come at a better time!

Pillow Pets Tricksters helmets are available in 5 totally cute designs: LuLu Leopard, Panda, Puppy, Rainbow Bear, and Flower Power Cat (which is the one we chose). Each helmet is fully adjustable, and comes in your choice of sizes.

I had previously bought my little girl a brand new helmet from the store, and not only were the straps difficult to set properly, the helmet itself was still a bit loose even after I had adjusted it as tight as it would go. With the Tricksters helmet all I had to do was snap to lock, and pull the strap tight (but comfortable). I love the fact that they have included an adjuster to the back of the helmet. You just twist it until its snug against your child’s head. This helps keep the helmet in place. Our Flower Power Cat was a perfect fit! She had no issues whatsoever while riding, and bopping her head around. It stayed exactly how its supposed to, and it gave me the peace of mind that it would do its job properly in case she were to fall!

We have been a fan of the Pillow Pets brand from the start, I enjoy, and trust in all of the new products they come up with, and the Tricksters helmet is no exception!

Trish My 5 year old got a new big boy bike last year for his birthday. He’s been afraid to ride it because it was a little tall and he felt like he was going to fall off of it. He’s been so used to riding smaller bikes so when he got this bike he felt a bit intimidated. Last year I didn’t bother buying a helmet because he refused to ride his bike! When we got to try out the Tricksters helmet I was very excited and so was my son! He was able to feel safe while riding his bike this spring and he loves wearing it because of the super cute look to it! Pillow Pets Tricksters Helmets are the cutest helmets I have ever seen! Many kids don’t enjoy having to wear helmets but these cute cuddly designs make wearing protective gear fun! These helmets come in different animal designs such as the cat, bear, puppy, panda and leopard. We chose the puppy! These helmets are also adjustable! My son has a bigger head but I was able to easily adjust it to fit him perfectly and comfortably! This helmet doesn’t wobble around on his head and it isn’t too tight to be uncomfortable, it fits him like a glove and that makes me feel good knowing he’s perfectly protected! We really enjoy our Pillow Pet Trickster! My son loves being able to wear something cuddly on his head and I love that he’s protected and safe when he’s riding his bike. These would be the perfect thing to purchase if you have a child who’s reluctant to wear protective gear, I don’t think ANY kid would pass up wearing these super adorable pets on their heads!

Debbie My sons love their pillow pets! So when it came to picking out the perfect helmet for my youngest son, I had to get Puppy to match his pillow pet! My youngest son is still too young to ride a bike, but I was using my oldest son’s old helmet on him when he cruises around the backyard in his battery operated 4 wheeler. He’s a bit of a dare devil, so I always worry about falls and mishaps with this one!

The first thing I LOVED about the Trickster Pillow Pet Helmet was how easy it is to adjust! I can not tell you how frustrating it is to try to get a 1 ½ year old to put on a helmet in the first place, but then having to adjust it on a squirming child it a nightmare! This helmet is so easy to adjust to a proper fit. And the fact that is looks just like his pillow pet buddy helps tremendously with getting him to keep it on!

Does it protect? YES! I must say that my little one is no stranger to falls. He likes to try to stand up on his 4 wheeler while in motion (did I mention that he is a daredevil?). So, I have a firsthand report that his head was well protected from his fall! Hmmm….I might have to keep it on him 24-7. I highly recommend the Trickster helmet for those looking for a totally cute and easy to adjust helmet for a little one!

Pat My granddaughter saw the Leopard Hoodie by Pillow Pets ($19.99) and just had to have one!  Purple is her favorite color, and she adores her Pillow Pets.  It’s SO cute on her!  She’s worn it to school several times, and kids flock to her to find out where she got it.  Her school has a “no hood” rule, so she has to wear it down, but it’s still cute and she loves it!  It’s super soft and comfy, and the jacket is just right – warm but not too heavy.  It’s made well too.  She got a size large, and normally wears a girl’s size 10. The hoodie is very big on her, which is fine but we probably should have ordered a medium. I figure she can grow into it and wear it longer this way.  They also have a puppy, panda and zebra hoodies to choose from. Since it’s from the makers of Pillow Pets, the hood is soft and fluffy, just like the pillow pet!  This would make a terrific gift!