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Peeps Candy Review & Easter Peeps Recipe Ideas

Read our Peeps Candy Review – perfect for Easter baskets, in Peeps Cupcakes, Peeps Cake, Peeps Straws, Peeps Brownies & so many more clever recipes!


Peeps Candy Review & Easter Peeps Recipe Ideas

If you haven’t had Peeps lately, you are missing out! They’re better than you remember!

If you’ve been following Gimmie on Instagram, you know we’ve been having FUN with Peeps for the past two weeks. There’s so much you can do – besides the obvious – eat them!! The good peeps at Peeps sent me the candy you see pictured above to review and tell you about.

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Peeps Straws

Easy & quick. Just stick a straw through your favorite colored Peeps candy – we used the bunnies on multi-colored straws.  Makes a cute centerpiece for Easter too!

Peeps Sunflower Cake

For our Easter dinner this year, I will be attempting my first ever Easter Peeps Sunflower Cake (recipe and photo from Taste of Home). How cute is that!?!

Peeps Cupcakes

If a sunflower cake seems too much, try these cute little Easter Peeps Cupcakes that Heather made!

Peeps Brownies

Easy and quick! I made a boxed brownie mix and used a package of chocolate pudding as frosting, then topped with yummy chocolate Peeps bunnies!

Eat Em!

Possibly the easiest way to enjoy Peeps is to just pop them in your mouth and enjoy!