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My Spy Birdhouse Review

My Spy Birdhouse Review We saw the My Spy Birdhouse on television and my daughter instantly wanted one. I kinda wanted one too! They’re a great way to learn


My Spy Birdhouse Review

We saw the My Spy Birdhouse on television and my daughter instantly wanted one. Then we saw them by the checkout aisle at Walmart and she felt she could not go on with life as we know it unless we got one!  She gets a little carried away, and normally we don’t buy things just because we saw them on TV.  Of course, where would the “As Seen on TV” industry be if we didn’t cave every now and then, right?

Well, we contacted the company and they were thrilled to have us review a My Spy Birdhouse. So, frugal mom was happy and Gimmie kid was ecstatic.

What’s the big deal? It’s just a birdhouse.

I’m not sure why these are so intriguing, but the idea of being able to see birds set up nest and eggs hatch into baby birds DOES sound super interesting. I love the idea that my daughter wants to observe nature, and in a kind of silly way (hey, I can admit it), I like the idea of giving a couple of birds a nice place to nest.

So, the My Spy Birdhouse came in the mail and we tore into it like we had won the lottery. My daughter was SO excited every step of the way in setting it up.  It’s a snap to set up (maybe that’s why?) Basically, it’s all put together. You just slide the see-through plastic backside on, attach the suction cups and stick it to the outside of a window.  Then, you peel off the 2-way mirror film and stick to the inside of your window.  We chose my bedroom patio door. That way we could access easily from inside and outside the house.

The main thing with anything like this is whether or not the suction cups will be strong enough to hold it onto the window.  I have had countless items (like those dumb cell phone dash holders) where the suction cups sucked! Or, more accurately, they didn’t suck. The really bad ones fall off almost immediately. The not-quite-as-bad ones fall off after a few days.  Well, our My Spy Birdhouse has been stuck to our window now for 39 days and is still stuck.  And, it has snowed, rained and been freezing cold since that time (we’re talking 30 below zero – where the heck is Spring??!) I would say without hesitation that the My Spy Birdhouse suction cups are superb.  I wouldn’t feel right promoting something that could fall and hurt a baby bird.

This would make a GREAT gift for Easter or any time. With Spring upon us (although those of us in Wisconsin are a little slower getting to Spring than the rest of the country), now is a great time to pick up a My Spy Birdhouse.  Sadly, our weather has been so terrible we haven’t had any birds take up residence yet. But, I’m excited for when they do. How fun will that be!?  You can buy online at, or on the My Spy Birdhouse website, and even in stores that sell “As Seen on TV” products, such as at Walmart.

My Spy Birdhouse features a clear, acrylic window with 2-way mirror film on one side-you see birds inside but they can’t see you. Safely attaches to any glass surface with included suction cups so you can observe mama birds building their nest, hatching their eggs and feeding their young from inside your home. Made of durable, weather-resistant materials. measures 7-3/4″ x 6-1/4″ W x 4-1/2″ L For ages 3 and up. [Source:]


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