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Milk Splash Review #‎MilkSplash‬

Milk Splash Review – yummy new milk flavor enhancer, like Mio water, but use it in milk for yummy new flavors! Encourage your kids to consume more calcium!


Milk Splash Review #‎MilkSplash‬

Have you heard of MilkSplash? It’s a brilliant new way to flavor milk!  Not only does it make milk yummy, it’s a great way to get kids and adults to drink more milk. MilkSplash has no calories, no fat, and it’s kosher, BPA-free, gluten-free and allergen-free. Each no-spill container provides 24 servings and does not need to be refrigerated. Handy!

Several of us tried this the first time by mixing as if you’re mixing in Mio Liquid Water Enhancer. Unfortunately that mixes it WAY too strong and it didn’t taste right.  The good news is, a little goes a long way! It’s much more economical to not have to use so much to get a great taste.


Trish: I received the Jammin Banana and Cookies n Cream MilkSplash flavors to try out. I usually don’t touch milk unless it’s premade chocolate milk but all my kids love milk, even milk that isn’t flavored. I myself, am expecting and I really need to include more milk into my diet but it’s been a struggle because I normally cannot stand drinking it! I figured maybe these new flavors could help me drink milk more often. When you use this product, it’s good to remember that you only really need one or two squirts. I made the mistake of squirting quite a lot into my milk and ended up with a super sweet milk that I didn’t enjoy. When I used one to two squirts in a larger glass of milk, the taste was fantastic! The banana is a very different flavor for me. It’s very unique and tastes like a milkshake rather than milk, the family enjoyed the fun of this new flavor! The cookies n cream was my favorite. It’s like having a chocolate milk but with a vanilla flavor mixed in as well, it’s fantastic and we all enjoyed this flavor the most. Of course my kids kept asking for milk over and over again which makes me happy, but I also finally was able to get my milk intake without dreading it. I think these would be amazing while making milk shakes as well, we will be trying this next! There are other flavors of MilkSplash available such as Strawberry Swirl, Orange Cream Dream and Cocoa Loco. If you are looking for a change in milk flavors or something really fun especially if you have a child who refuses to drink milk, MilkSplash is the perfect product for you!


Reylin: One thing I have a lot of in my house is water enhancers. I find it so convenient to just grab a cup or bottle of water and squirt a drop or two to make a refreshing drink, so I absolutely loved the idea of MilkSplash when I first heard about it. Now I can do what I do with my water with my milk! The flavors I received are the Cocoa Loco and Orange Cream Dream. First off, the faces on the bottles are so cute. I really love the design of these little bottles. They’re so fun! I decided to try the Cocoa Loco flavor first. As someone that uses water enhancers a lot, I knew immediately to not overdo it with the squirting because so many times I’ve ended up with very sugary-tasting water when putting too much. It’s very easy to squirt a bunch so I had to be gentle and not go crazy with it. The Cocoa Loco has a nice chocolatey smell and the flavor was tasty. It almost expected it to taste like Nesquik but it didn’t at all, which isn’t a bad thing. I like the flavor of this chocolate milk. It was definitely a unique chocolate flavor. The best part is the Cocoa Loco makes amazing chocolate milkshakes. The Orange Cream Dream was my favorite out of the two. If you’re into creamsicles, you’re going to love this. It reminded me of a mild flavored creamsicle. It wasn’t too sugary tasting either. Also, Orange Cream Dream MilkSplash milkshakes are also very tasty. It was my first time making an orange cream flavored milkshake and I loved it. I think this is a good way for people who don’t like to drink milk to drink it more. Overall, I am very satisfied with MilkSplash and can’t wait to get my hands on more of the flavors.

Laurie: We received Cocoa Loco and Orange Cream Dream to sample at our home. My husband and I liked both flavors, but we liked the Orange Cream Dream the best. It is like having an Orange Creamsicle in your glass! I don’t tolerate milk well, so I used my flavors in my morning diet shake and also in almond milk. Both were great!

There are five MilkSplash flavors: Cocoa Loco, Sir Strawberry Swirl, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies ‘n Cream and Jammin’ Banana (their webpage hints there will be more flavors to come). Each MilkSplash flavor has a corresponding fun character and you can download free coloring page and computer wallpapers for your kids!

MilkSplash flavors are all zero calories, fat-free, kosher, BPA, gluten and allergen-free. Each no-spill container provides 24 servings and does not need to be refrigerated. If any of your family carries their lunch, this would be a great addition to jazz up their serving of milk.

The one thing that we had trouble with was regulating the amount of MilkSplash flavor. The package says “1 gentle squeeze for each 8 oz. serving” which leaves quite a bit of room for variety. The good news is, you can make it to suit your tastes… add a little more flavor if desired (or add more milk if it’s too much flavor for your liking). So, to sum it up… I think that MilkSplash is a great way to get your family to drink more milk without adding additional calories. We’re looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors.

Debbie: Neither of my kids are milk drinkers. I have tried many times to flavor milk to get them to drink more. So when I was given the opportunity to try another milk flavoring product, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t think it would make a difference to my kids.

The Milk Splashes are packed in cute little animal shaped dispensers. I receive the Cookies and Cream and Strawberry flavor. The directions on the bottle say to add one “squeezeful” per 8 oz of milk. I wasn’t clear on how much a “squeezeful” was. The squeeze varies on how much pressure is applied to the bottle. I squeezed too much in my first attempt. My kids did not like it initially. I added more milk to dilute the flavor and the results were much better.

My kids liked the Cookie and Cream flavor better than the Strawberry. My husband and I preferred it as well. The Strawberry was still too strong even when diluted. Did the MilkSplash make my kids drink more milk? Not really. But I do think the Milk Splash options are a great alternative for adding a flavor to milk without the added sugars. It’s also a cost effective way to get flavored milks instead of buying them prepackaged at the grocery store. Try adding MilkSplash to organic, hormone free milk, and you got yourself an extra healthy, flavorful drink!

Pat: As a senior citizen, I definitely don’t get enough milk in my diet. Calcium is very important at any age, so adding a splash of flavor without a lot of calories or other junk is definitely a winner in my book!  I liked the flavors a lot, and my granddaughter loved them! It was fun to sit down together and chat over a glass of chocolate MilkSplash.  She told me about her day at school, and how she always drinks chocolate milk (versus the white milk option). She’s probably the reason I’d give for buying MilkSplash, but in all fairness I will continue to enjoy a glass regularly because of the flavor. I love that it tastes like a malted milk shake!

Heather: My 5 year old loathes drinking plain milk! From the very first time we switched her over to whole milk as a baby, it HAD to have added flavoring or she would not drink it! Over the years we have gone through pretty much every mainstream flavoring available including the strawberry, and chocolate syrups, powdered cocoa, Milk Straws, and even Ice Cream! Recently, she has lost interest in Milk altogether, The only time I can get her to have some is when she has it in her cold cereal, or when I sneak it into her hot cereals.

So, I was really anxious to see if MilkSplash would make a difference for us. Let me say, I LOVE that these bottles are small, and portable! The size is very convenient for stashing in your bag, or in the car.

A little truly does go a long way with these flavorings! Its best to really play around with how much is good for you at first go as far as sweetness, and flavor strength. The bottle states you can get 24 servings from each, but I anticipate getting at least 30 or so, which makes it a great value!

MilkSplash comes in 5 flavors: Cocoa Loco, Orange Cream Dream, Cookies N Cream, Jammin Banana, and Sir Swirl Strawberry. We received the Strawberry, and Cookies N Cream to try out!

The Strawberry is good, but there is nothing in its flavor that would really set it apart from what you have previously tried. Although myself, and the hubby enjoy Strawberry milk, and shakes, the only thing my little girl liked about this one was the fact that it turned her milk her favorite color Pink! The Cookies N Creme got even less attention from her unfortunately! None of us really found this one to actually taste like its namesake, but rather like a Banana flavor! Which is odd! I actually liked it myself, but its REALLY easy to overdue it with the flavor!

All and all, if I were to purchase these from the store I would probably not go for the more original flavors like Chocolate, and Strawberry, but focus on the fun stuff like Orange Cream (Creamsicle, omg!). I would love to see them expand their flavors, and really change it up with out of the ordinary!

Disclaimer: In addition to receiving MilkSplash samples to conduct this review, each Gimmie Girl was given a $25 Target gift card to buy more flavors of their choice.