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Lugz Drifter Footwear Review

Lugz Drifter Footwear Review – find out why you should consider Lugz footwear for your next hiking boot, work boot or casual wear. Great for men and women!


Lugz Drifter Footwear Review

After moving to the country, I wanted a hiking boot that wouldn’t kill my feet (in my experience, they’re not usually very comfortable!)  So, when we were offered Lugz boots to review and tell our readers about, we jumped at the chance!

Lugz is a great name that’s well known and should be. They make good, quality footwear that’s built to last. Knowing this before I even got my Lugz, I didn’t expect to be surprised. But, I was!  Not only are they super comfortable, they’re not overly heavy (adding extra weight just makes me tired!) And, well, they’re just so nice! The classic Drifter work boot is made of nubuck leather and can be worn for winter, work or casual street wear.

My husband and I ordered Lugz Drifter boots.  I actually got the men’s style in my size minus 1.5 size (I wear a womens 10, so I ordered an 8.5).  They have women’s boots too, but I wanted these!  They fit great, and I love them. My husband loves his too. He was so excited since he had a pair of cheap work boots from Walmart that he barely wore and the sole fell off. We tried “shoe glue” and it fell off again the next time he wore them. His cheap Walmart boots might have cost less, but they were cheap and not worth it.

As you can see from the picture below of my boots, they do get scuffed up pretty quickly.  I’ve worn them maybe 5 times, if that, and the color is already coming off. I’m sure they would polish up nicely but I don’t care that they look like I wear them.

So, like a goofball, I wore my Lugz to soccer practice (we coached our little girl’s U8 team this year).  I mean I could kick that ball from one end of the soccer field to the other with these Lugz boots on! HA!!  We were short a few players and couldn’t scrimmage, so my husband and I joined the kids and played (which they loved!) I can’t say my Lugz were quite as comfortable as my tennis shoes, and my foot did hurt a little from running in them SO much. Obviously, that’s not what they’re made for, and that wasn’t the best use for them. I don’t think that’s worth marking them down for that reason.  And, I probably shouldn’t have kicked a goal quite that hard, especially since there was a kid in the way and the ball might have hit him square in the head.  Oh my goodness, I was horrified!  He just smiled really big and insisted he was fine.  (Sorry, James!)


  • Heavy duty
  • Well constructed and built to last
  • Beautiful designs
  • Reasonably priced, plus get 35% Off this style with code: 35FORJULY
  • Grainy Leather upper
  • Padded suede tongue and collar
  • Cushioned insole
  • Durable Lug rubber outsole
  • Military style design


  • Finish comes off the leather unless you’re very careful, and who wants to be careful? It does happen, so I’m noting it. But, honestly I don’t think that’s a terrible thing. 🙂