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Lovely Candy Company Review

Read our The Lovely Candy Company Review and learn more about Americas best tasting chewy candy! Caramels, Fruit Chews, and Fudgee Rolls. Great for Easter!


Lovely Candy Company Review

Americas best tasting chewy candy! Caramels with rbst free dairy!  Fruit Chews with real fruit bits (vegan!)!  Fudgee Rolls that won’t stick to your teeth! More great candies coming soon with great ingredients, all consciously crafted by…The Lovely Candy Company

Here’s what we thought:

Debbie: I love chewy candy and caramels. I am that person that picks out all the caramels and taffy candy in the assorted chocolate box first before anyone else eats them. My family knows not to touch anything of caramel or taffy origin in the house without first asking me if I am willing to share. Nevertheless, I do share on occasion. My candy samples I received from the Lovely Company definitely did not disappoint my candy cravings!
The first thing I will mention is that I LOVED that each of the candies was wrapped in wax paper. This made it very easy to open and gave the candies a homemade feel to them. I loved that little detail. All the candy made from the Lovely Candy Company is gluten and gmo free and made with no artificial ingredients or trans fats. Although we do not have issues with celiac disease in my immediate family, I do have friends who do and it’s good to know that there is a gluten free product that I can recommend.

All the candies were delicious. The flavors I received were Chocolate Caramel, Original Caramel, Fruit, Super Fruit, Chocolate Chews, and Raspberry Chocolate Chews. My favorite was the chocolate chews. I am a chocolate fanatic and these satisfied my cravings. It is a wonderful chewy, gooey mouthful of chocolaty heaven! My husband likes the original caramel. He swears that they taste like his mom’s caramels! My older son loves the super fruit chews. He told me he likes that he can see the flicks of fruit in the chews…huh? This is coming from a 6 year old. I was impressed that he appreciated a detail like that. When I asked him if he like them better than Starbursts, he said he did. WOW. Now my 18 month old liked all of them. He proclaimed each one as “yummy”!
The Lovely Candy company candies are a great little indulgence that will satisfy any sweet tooth. The care they put into their candy making is evident in the deliciousness of their candy. Try it; you will not be disappointed!

Trish: I must say I’m a sucker for chewy candies like Tootsie Rolls, and so are my children. When we received our Lovely Candy Co candies were were excited to dig right in and give them a try! The first thing I noticed about these candies were that they were gluten-free and GMO free. I’ve been actively trying to replace all our sweet treats for treats that are more healthy for us to enjoy. These candies also state that they are all natural as well! I received 5 different candies to try out. The first one we tried was the Chocolate Swirl Caramels which were my two year old’s most favorite! The texture of these candies are amazing. At first you think tootsie roll and how chewy and harder to chew they are until you keep chewing to break them up. These are literally melt in your mouth chewy! Which is fantastic because I was nervous about giving them to my two year old. The caramel flavor mixed with the chocolate swirl was a fantastic combination. A little piece of heaven in a chewy candy form! The next candy we tried was the Chewy Original Caramels. These are my personal favorite. The caramel is so rich, creamy and packed with flavor. Again so melt in your mouth chewy, these don’t even get stuck into your teeth! My five year old enjoyed the Chocolaty Fudgee Rolls the best. These are like a Toostie roll, which he LOVES, but they aren’t hard and get stuck in your teeth like a tootsie roll would. Soft, and rich in chocolate flavor, these are ten times better than a tootsie roll by far! We also got to try Raspberry Fudgee Rolls! These are the same as the other Fudgee Rolls, but they pack a light Raspberry flavor as well. The perfect combination of fruity and chocolaty, I really enjoyed these! Last but not least, we had Superfruit Chews in the flavors of Blueberry, Cranberry, and Raspberry. These are wonderful! The fruit flavor is so natural, you can taste the actual natural flavor of each fruit. There is no artificial flavor to these at all! Completely naturally sweet! These were a huge hit in my house and I will be purchasing these in the near future! I feel great eating these and giving them to my family to enjoy as well, these are easy to enjoy without all the extra added bad for you ingredients!


Heather: I Was a little bit hesitant as to whether or not I would like these before trying. I have never been a big fan of Taffy or *chewy* type of candies, and the only kind of caramel I enjoy is in my Coffee Creamer, or on my sticky bun! Boy, was I surprised!

Lovely Candy comes in a variety of different flavors, and gluten free candy types including the chewy options: Chocolate Caramel, Original Caramel, Fruit, Super Fruit, Chocolate Chews (think tootsie roll), Raspberry Chocolate Chews, and a Licorice in Cherry flavor. So you are certain to find something right for you! The fruit chews actually have berry seeds in them)so neat!), and the flavors are true to taste! These were for sure my favorite from the bunch with the Original Caramels a close second!

The pretty packaging alone is enough to entice me in buying a bag (see pics)! Each candy is wrapped in a wax type of paper which totally reminds me of something unique, and special! You can see and taste the LOVE they put into these candies!

Give these a try (like I did). They are a great little indulgence!

Reylin:  Call me crazy but I hate tootsie rolls, Starbursts, salt water taffy, licorice, and caramels. I’ve never been too big on chewy candy (I’m more of a jolly rancher gal) but I definitely was interested in trying this candy from the Lovely Candy Co. Mainly because I was curious to see if they could change my opinion on candy of this sort.

First off, the bags are so cute. I love the design, color, and even the feel of them. They’re also easy to open and all of the candy is all natural and gluten and gmo free. On the back of the bags, there’s a little story on how the Lovely Candy Co.’s journey got started along with a quote: “Enjoying candy is like riding a bike- everyone should be able to do it!” I just love everything about these bags. I feel as if the Lovely Candy Co. did a really good job with coming up with the design of their packaging because it gives off a warm, loving feeling as if you’re receiving homemade candy as a gift from a relative or neighbor, and that’s just perfect.

I received the chocolate swirls caramels, superfruit chews, raspberry fudgee rolls, chocolaty fudgee rolls, and original caramels. I decided to try the superfruit chews first because the bag said it was made with real fruit, and indeed they were. The fruit chews were not overly sweet. They had mild fruit flavors with real dried fruit bits, and I loved that. These fruit chews were my favorite out of all of the candy, and this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be having these.

I was hesitant with trying the chocolaty fudgee rolls because as I stated earlier, I do not like tootsie rolls and I figured these were similar. I was wrong. These fudgee rolls were amazing and I’m not even exaggerating. The texture of these rolls were so soft. It’s as if you got a tootsie rolls fresh, right after it’s been made. They weren’t a bit hard at all. And the flavor was so good. It had a really nice cocoa flavor. If you like tootsie rolls, I’d recommend you get these. If you don’t like tootsie rolls, I still recommend you try these. Now the raspberry fudgee rolls weren’t as tasty and soft as the chocolatey fudgee rolls, but they were still good. It was hard to tell there was raspberry because the chocolate was overpowering. My only complaint about these is there wasn’t more of a raspberry flavor. Now I chose to each the chocolate swirl caramels and chewy original caramels last because chewy caramel is one of my least favorite candies. With the chocolate swirl caramels, they tasted more like caramel instead of chocolate, and the chewy caramels reminded me of Kraft caramels, which isn’t a bad thing. I didn’t find them to be any different than the other caramels I’ve had before.

Overall, I liked the Lovely Candy Co. and their candy. Did they change my opinion on chewy candy? Absolutely. I definitely see more chewy candy in my future if it’s superfruit chews or chocolatey fudgee rolls from the Lovely Candy Co.

Wendy: My husband is a caramel fanatic! He loves soft, chewy candy – so this review was all about him. He is somewhat of a caramel snob, you could say.  He only likes really good caramels, and he said these were really, really good!  They’re soft and chewy and bursting with flavor. My little girl tried them too, and was surprised that she liked them so much.  She normally isn’t a big fan of chocolate, but caramel-chocolate swirl was her favorite. And, they were mine too!  We both also really liked the fruity ones.  I’m not a big fan of tootsie roll type candies, but these were good. The chocolate fudgees with raspberry were also good, but in my opinion the fruit flavor could have been more.  In all, the chewy candy lovers in my house LOVED Lovely Candy Co!