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Kid Safe Headphones ~ Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony | Review

Kid Safe Headphones deliver powerful audio with volume limiter to protect hearing. Get them in Hello Kitty, Barbie or My Little Pony Kid Safe Headphones.


Kid Safe Headphones ~ Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony | Review

  • Kid safe technology with volume control
  • Hello Kitty decorated, padded ear cups for extra comfort
  • High Quality, Full Range Stereo Sound

You can get Kid Safe Headphones in several styles. We got to choose between Hello Kitty Kid Safe Headphones, Barbie Kid Safe Headphones and My Little Pony Kid Safe Headphones.

In summary, we loved them. Even the boys and grown ups loved them!!

The Kid-Safe Headphones feature sound isolation that helps clarify audio, a ferrite magnet that reinforces sound, and large, full-range drivers that deliver powerful audio, along with a built-in volume limiter to protect children’s hearing. The playful pink design features everyone’s favorite Sanrio, Barbie or MLP character for a fun listening experience wherever you are.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children ages 3-9
  • Parent Approved for safe use
  • Kid-Safe technology for safe listening

Here’s what the rest of the Gimmie Girls thought:

Debbie: I have learned that my son is completely secure in his gender. When I pulled out the Hello Kitty Kids Safe Headphones from the packaged they came in, he immediately asked if they were for him. “You want these pink Hello Kitty Headphones?” I asked. “Uh, yeah. My other ones are broken and those look small enough for me,” he replied…the words of a 6-year-old boy.

Well, the Kids Safe Headphones did fit well on his head. They are very lightweight and my son reported that they did not feel heavy when he had them on. It’s easily adjustable and works on any electronic device with an earphone jack. He tested the headphones on his iPod and my iPad with success. The volume is adequate and it not too loud even when he turns the volume way up on the media devices (he likes to listen to things very loud). I am constantly telling him to turn down the volume. His last headphones had a volume control, but I was always able to hear the sounds from the music or show he was listening to from across the room. The Kids Safe Headphones effectively keeps the noise isolated to the listener.

The Hello Kitty design is cute, and I had intended to pass the headphones off to my 9-year-old niece. Well, maybe not. I don’t think my son plans to give them up anytime soon!

Chill-laxing in his in his Hello Kitty headphones….I will use this against him in middle school!

Trish: These headphones are fantastic for children! I received the Hello Kitty headphones and my oldest child and myself tried these out together. The first thing I noticed was the padding on the speakers, this eliminates all the outside noises so you can really focus and hear what you are trying to listen to with the headphones. They are adjustable and fit my 5 year old’s head perfectly and even adjusted to fit my head perfectly! The padding is also very comfortable unlike the ear buds my son was previously using. I also noticed these are volume limiting which is FANTASTIC! I don’t want my child blasting his eardrums out cranky the volume up way too high when he’s listening to a video or listening to music. I turned the volume up full blast on my iPod and the sound never blew me away like it would with our regular head phones that we use. As a mother, I want my child to be protected, ear drums and all! My son also didn’t mind that he was wearing pink headphones, at first I thought he would yell at me for getting him girly pink ones but he didn’t even care about what color they were! He was just happy that he could comfortably sit down and listen to music and videos without the ear buds hurting his ears. We really enjoy these headphones and if you have a child who is big on listening to music or likes to enjoy videos on the computer and would like to use headphones to do so, these are perfect for you! Kids will enjoy the fun prints and how comfortable these are and parents will enjoy the fact that their child’s ears are protected while listening!

The Kid-Safe headphone series features a built-in volume limiter, which protects children’s hearing by automatically limiting audio volume to approximately 80% of the original maximum volume. These headphones are safe to use for children from 3-9 years old.


Laurie: These are obviously kids’ headphones… cute, little… pink, did I mention cute?  I asked my husband, son and daughter to try these out. Got quite a few chuckles from my 20-something guys (would have liked to get photos of them wearing the headphones!) My daughter used to have My Little Pony toys when she was younger, so she thought they were cool. I used them with my hearing aids and even that seemed to work quite well. They’re not quite as good of quality as desired for adult listening (not a lot of bass sound), but they certainly could be used and are just fine for kids. I really like that they have a noise-limiting feature so little folks don’t crank up the volume and hurt their ears (it’s true, listening to loud music WILL damage your hearing!) They can be used for music or computer. So, if you’ve got a little girl in your house, you should check out these My Little Pony or Barbie headphones!  My 8-year old niece LOVES them!

The Hello Kitty Kid-Safe Headphones are compatible with all portable devices that feature a 3.5mm stereo jack output, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and portable gaming devices such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS series. These headphones are also compatible with laptops, PCs, CD players, and home audio systems.

Pat: My granddaughter loves Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and Barbie, so these headphones were a welcome treat!  She had the hardest time deciding which to get. They are both so cute!  They have Kid-Safe technology for safe listening, which is so important for little ones to protect their hearing.  They have a standard plug-in jack that will insert into any device – from a laptop, computer speaker, tablet or phone, so they’re sure to be used!  My granddaughter’s school actually required them to have a pair of headphones for their library time when they use the a/v equipment. I was thrilled to be able to provide these stylish ones, and she tells me all her friends now want some too!

Large, full-range drivers give you a rich sound experience, with crisp highs and warm, clear bass tones. The ear cups are lightweight with thick, comfortable padding to provide noise isolation, while the headband bends easily for a comfortable fit.

Heather: We are a family of music lovers here, and have gone through our fair share of ear buds, and headphones through the years. I’m not a big fan of ear buds myself. I prefer the big headphones that cover your ears completely, drown out all the outside sounds, and immerse you into whatever you’re listening to. My little girl really enjoys her music too! I will often times catch her dancing around in her room all crazy to her favorite (Katy Perry), or she will sneak off with my MP3 player, and tune in to a pop station. So, we were really excited to get to review these Hello Kitty Kids Safe Headphones!

The first thing I noticed about these is the fit. It was nice, and snug to both of our heads. With my little girl, she will often times have to adjust headphones as they tend to fall a lot, but with these they stayed right in place. Next, they are so comfortable! Ours have a nice cushioning that holds against your ears. This also helped with noise isolation. The sound was nice, and clear and there was no *static* sounds which usually seems to be an issue a lot when wires are moving around. Finally, these are super cute! The colors, and designs have great appeal for girls! I will be 30 years old this year, and will totally be rockin’ these in public! 🙂

These headphones are all around great quality, a lot of fun, and for sure  worth the buy!