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Ivanabitch Vodka Review

Need to unwind, relax or de-stress after a long week? Check out yummy drink recipes for this fruity flavored vodka in our Ivanabitch Vodka Review


Ivanabitch Vodka Review

With a name like Ivanabitch, how can this vodka be anything but great?  I’d never actually heard of it before, but the name is intriguing and I like a good vodka. My Polish friend was impressed and amazed at my Midwestern self for my enunciation of “Stolichnaya” – it’s all in the attitude. 😉

Long ago, my drink of choice was the Greyhound. Easy enough to make – just mix vodka with grapefruit juice and throw in some ice.  If you like it salty, salt the rim and call it a Salty Dog instead.  It’s like a screwdriver but with grapefruit instead of orange juice.  I swear I could lose 5 lbs in a night of dancing and consuming greyhounds.  About 10 years ago, at one especially memorable work Holiday party, I was at another office for work in the beautiful city of San Francisco. They invited me to join them.  After the formal dinner where I was the company’s president’s honorary date (both our spouses weren’t there), a bunch of us hit an after-party at a local bar. They had Karaoke – a long-time favorite of mine!  The San Francisco office’s general manager learned I drank greyhounds (see, I’m getting back to the point) and insisted that I try Grey Goose instead of Stoli.  I was surprised at how good it was!  I’m told I took over the Karaoke jockey’s job, by getting her big tips for preferential turns in singing.  Everyone had a blast!  I don’t party often, but when I do – it’s legendary. 🙂

Another fun story about vodka: it’s a great accompaniment to a breakup party. Why? I don’t know, it just is.  When my friend called me, barely discernible through tears because her jerk boyfriend finally did her a favor and left, I jumped into action. I went to the liquor store and bought every color of Smirnoff vodka I could find.  It was fun, frilly and silly. It was the lighthearted anecdote we needed to lighten the mood. She came over and we made exotic drinks. She felt better. Voila!

In addition to standard stuff you can buy in most liquor stores, I’ve tried real Russian vodka, that friends claim is “the best.”  It was good!   I’ve tried Belvedere Vodka, also very good!  It’s a far cry from SKYY Vodka, which isn’t bad but is much more mainstream (and affordable).

So, I know good vodka (that was the point).

Enter Ivanabitch.  This flirty vodka with its fruity flavors and colorful bottles makes you want to try it. I mean, they’re so pretty!  After a long week of general nonsense, it’s so nice to relax and unwind. If you like vodka, you really should try Ivanabitch.  Their flavors are fun and tasty.  They have great Ivanabitch vodka drink recipes on their website, and most of them use things you probably already have at home.

The nice folks at Ivanabitch sent us 8 of their fun flavors to try, and to tell you about.  If you follow Gimmie on Instagram, you probably already know that!  The flavors we received are: Menthol Tobacco, Red Berry, Blackberry, Vanilla, regular, Cherry, Orange and Peach.

My first Instagram post captioned:  About this week… Ivanabitch

Ivanabitch is great for unwinding, de-stressing, and relaxing. I have to admit, I wanted to b~tch a little about my week. It was a doozie! lol!


Ivanabitch Berry Blast

Berry Blast

2 oz Ivanabitch Red Berry Vodka
2 oz Club Soda
2 oz Cranberry Juice
Splash of Fresh Lime Juice

Pour over rocks, stir, garnish with an orange slice and enjoy.

The Ivanabitch Berry Blast has red berry vodka, club soda and cranberry juice. Seriously, what’s not to love?  I love cranberry. Since all I had was cranapple we used that and it was fantastic.  This was probably my favorite of the three, although the orange was also amazing!

Ivanabitch Liquid Cheesecake

Liquid Cheesecake

2 oz Ivanabitch Vanilla Vodka
3 oz of Lemon Lime Soda
Serve on the rocks.

The Ivanabitch Liquid Cheesecake was a lot like its name. I’m not typically one to drink sweet drinks, but it was incredibly good.  I do love cheesecake!  It was fun to try different drinks and share with my mom, sister and niece (don’t worry, all are 21+!)  I highly recommend grabbing a few fun flavors of Ivanabitch and inviting a few friends over to try different tastes. It was really fun!

Ivanabitch Orange Soda

Orange Soda

2 oz Ivanabitch Orange Vodka
1 oz Orange Juice
3 oz Club Soda
Splash of Grenadine
Pour over rocks, stir, garnish with a cherry, and enjoy.

We didn’t have Grenadine or cherries, although they’ve since been ascertained. The Orange Soda drink was everyone’s favorite even without the cherry twist. It is yummy and sweet, but not too sweet.  It’s sort of like a grownup screwdriver (orange juice and vodka).  The club soda adds a bubbly bit of extra fun that really made me love it!

Don’t miss all the yummy Ivanabitch vodka drink recipes!