Whip-It Whipped Cream Dispenser


The Whip-It! Pro is your ticket to professional results in your own kitchen.. The bright rubber coating isn’t just pleasing to the eye; it lets you get a good grip on the bottle, even with wet hands. And because it comes in numerous colors, you can create your own color-coding system for easy identification of different flavors and mixtures. Like all Whip-It! cream whippers, the Pro produces twice the volume of freshly whipped cream you could achieve by beating or whisking, and does so in just 30 seconds. Pop it in the fridge and cream will stay fresh inside the whipper for up to two weeks. Use the decorator tips for professional-looking desserts. Check out the recipe booklet for ideas that go way beyond whipped cream, including soups, cordials, custards, an array of trendy, savory foams…even popsicles! Don’t miss our Spin & Win giveaway for a Whip-It Stove!