Teddy the Dog Apparel and Swag


High quality clothing with adorable canine-inspired sayings. Such as, Don’t Stop Retrievin’, The Snuggle is Real, and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Teddy’s a hound of great renown. A divine canine, one might say. That’s why people dig his witty and clever spin on entertainment, pop culture, and all things dog (duh). He paw picks only the finest garment-dyed, ring-spun blended cotton, which makes his apparel softer than a puppy’s backside. But that’s not all—Teddy’s dog house is always stocked with bark-out-loud (#BOL) gifts and accessories, including drinkware, coasters, totes, blankets/towels, magnets, stuff to strut your mutt, and much more. I love dogs, and I love cute graphic tees and clothes that reflect what I’m like. That’s why this would be the perfect gift for anyone on your list who is witty, loves dogs and appreciates the finer things!

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