Steept Cocktail Teabags: Spicy Margarita & Old Fashion


Steept Cocktails are a teabag that you steep like you’re making tea. But, this is not your mother’s tea! These tasty drinks include Spicy Margarita Craft Cocktail Teabags, Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail Teabags, and Skinny Spicy Margarita Craft Cocktail Teabags.

The spicy marg tastes refreshingly citrusy with a kick, and reminds us of our last beach day. The skinny margarita has the same spicy taste as the OG Spicy Margarita, but without the calories.

The all-natural, premium Old Fashioned suggests, “I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”Of course, for the infamous Wisconsin Old Fashioned, you’ll need to use Brandy instead of whiskey!

How Long do Steept Cocktails Take?

It takes a couple minutes to soak the flavored teabags in hot water, just like you’re making a cup of tea.

Just add alcohol to make these cocktails, or enjoy them without as mocktails!

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We recommend Steep’t Cocktails because they’re super quick and easy, and taste great.

WIN IT:  We are giving away a free box of Steept Cocktails! Winner will get 10 cocktail teabags, valued at $30.

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