SKINEEZ Skincare that You Wear


I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought it just meant “skinny”. And, it does, sort of. But, it’s a play on words. In reality, SKINEEZ is skincare that you wear. It’s shapewear that’s good for your skin. Because, it helps to heal your skin while shaping you and helping you to look great. That’s more than regular shapewear whose sole purpose in life is to be uncomfortable!

So, if someone on your list would love high-quality shapewear, then go the extra mile and get them Skineez Skincarewear! They will LOVE it!

SKINEEZ® Skincarewear®. SKINEEZ uses patented microencapsulation technology to deliver natural cosmetic ingredients to firm, tone, and slim while wearing. Founder, Michelle Moran, realized after surgery that wearing compression garments recommended by her doctor were super unconfortable.

That’s when Skincarewear® was born. SKINEEZ® is changing the expectations that women have of their clothing by offering everything from post-surgery undergarments that promote wellness, to everyday shapers and active wear that contour and slim the body- all while delivering moisture to the skin.

Skineez Hydrating Face Masks: Most people don’t like wearing face masks. You don’t even have to be an anti-masker to just really not want to wear one. But, since we have to right now, why not wear one that soothes and renews your skin? The Skineez Medical Grade, Hydrating Skin-Reparative® Cloth Masks are clinically proven to hydrate the skin, all-day comfort, lightweight fabric, seamless design, soft stretch, easy to breathe, cool. They’re reusable and AntiBacterial. infused with things like shea butter to moisturize, apricot kernel oil to increase your skins’ elasticity, rose hip oil, retinol, vitamin E, and caffeine.

Tip: place orders by December 15th, to ensure that your soothing Skineez gifts arrive by Christmas.

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Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! These shapers, socks, gloves, and masks are well made and very comfortable. The undergarments do not bind the skin and cause redness like some other brands. The compression keeps blood flowing and skin healthy. And the refreshing spray will keep your garments fresh and clean smelling all day long!

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