ROYBI Robot Smart Educational AI Preschool Tutor


ROYBI Robot isn’t just another pretty face. But, it is so adorable! My daughter and I opened it and squealed the whole time. It comes with three interchangeable hats that are colorful, cute and fun! I almost can’t stand how cute this thing is!

What is ROYBI Robot?

ROYBI is a new, science-backed approach to self-guided learning for kids.

The first of its kind, ROYBI focuses on building the most critical skills in any child’s learning. Your child gets the necessary critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity development that goes into unleashing their full potential. Its teacher-certified content is carefully designed to ensure maximum success.

ROYBI will play with your kids while teaching them daily lessons and telling them stories! It is something that the whole family can do together, to encourage learning from an early age.

I love that it’s an active learning experience too. Kids aren’t bored, sitting behind a screen while some teaching app drones on. This cute little robot encourages kids to dance and sing along!

ROYBI Robot is a Smart Educational AI Robot Preschool Tutor. Wow, that’s a mouthful! But, it really is a fun, interactive tool that keeps kids interested and engaged. Think of ROYBI as your Baymax for education! You will love him just as much!

Here are some fun facts for you:

  • ROYBI also helps with brain development as it teaches over 70 thousand vocabularies.
  • ROYBI Robot Smart App gets parents involved! Kids and parents work together and bond in a teaching environment that makes it better and easier for kids to learn.

When kids first encounter ROYBI, they instantly fall in love with their new robot buddy. And parents are now finding out that teaching & learning from home virtually has become a whole lot easier — making ROYBI friends of moms & dads as well.

It provides a sophisticated 1-on-1 private tutoring experience using artificial intelligence. Roybi Robot teaches children daily through age-appropriate content while reducing screen time significantly.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Roybi Robot because he’s adorable and smart. Your family will fall in love with this little educational powerhouse!

WIN IT:  We are giving away a Roybi Robot to one lucky winner!

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