Pyuriti Mist Hand + Face Refresher & Universal Cleaner


Pyuriti Water Universal Cleaner (200 ppm HOCL) Perfect for cleaning everything from countertops and cutting boards to windows and mirrors. It even deodorizes with it’s incredible oxidizing power! 

Pyuriti Mist Hand + Face Refresher If you’re like me, your skin gets dry and flaky when the weather gets colder. Heavy moisturizers aren’t always the answer, so when we tried the Pyuriti Mist we were sent, we loved it! It could not be simpler to use, just spray it on any dry areas and let it dry. It doesn’t feel sticky or weird, it’s just silky and smooth.

Whether you’re young or old, moisturizing your skin is important. Pyuriti Mist helps fix skin problems including acne and eczema, and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, to make you look younger.

Pyuriti Mist is perfect for after workouts, after being in the sun, or any time you need to hydrate your skin. Use it on your hands, arms, legs or body when you feel dry. You can even use on your face, just be sure to close your eyes first!

Easy to use!

Just spray enough of the Pyuriti Mist to cover your dry skin areas and then wait for it to air dry, leaving behind silky smoothness!

Easy on the environment

When empty, the bottle is 100% recyclable, meaning not only does this product make the environment safe for you, but is safe for the environment, too! There’s even a way to make Pyuriti Mist at home with the Pyuriti Eco One countertop machine!

What’s new in skincare?

Once upon a time it was activated charcoal, these days it is hyaluronic acid. The next major platform in skincare is HOCL, hypochlorous acid, the same chemical our white blood cells produce to do their job. And what better place to start a universal skincare platform than the human immune system?

The core of our business is based on Pyuriti Water, our proprietary HOCl formula that uses biomimicry to emulate the power of our own white blood cells. Our Electro-Pyur process allows us to combine salt, water, and electricity in an electrolytic cell to create shelf stable solutions that have dozens, if not hundreds, of uses. Imagine the power of lightning striking the ocean and you’ll begin to get an idea of how hypochlorous acid really captures lightning in a bottle.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Pyuriti Pyuriti Mist Hand + Face Refresher & Universal Cleaner! Perfect for on-the-go!

Win It: We are giving away 5 bottles of Pyuriti Mist!

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