On the Muv miniTREAD Treadmill


Onthemuv miniTREAD under-desk treadmill is a innovative new design in fitness. It’s the perfect marriage of working at home and workout out. While you’re sitting at your desk, pop one of these bad boys by your feet and walk while you work. (Just so we’re clear, this is a seated treadmill – no standing allowed!)

Portable and Easy

With the COVID pandemic, people are staying home. But, that doesn’t have to mean sitting still. As long as you have to sit, why not get moving? You can work out while working. And, it seems I can’t talk about this thing without it sounding like a soundbyte! Sometimes, things that make so much sense just go like that.

At just 23 lbs, and only 20” x 20”, the miniTREAD really is portable and easy. Just grab it from under the desk, and move it by the couch whenever you’re down for a workout. It’s convenient and so timely with today’s lifestyles. It’s what you need right now!

We love it!

We tried out the onthemuv.com’s miniTREAD under desk treadmill. My initial thought was, “wow, that’s smart!” While you’re sitting at home, you could be on a treadmill. I need something that gets me moving like that, because I sit all day long!

But, does Onthemuv miniTREAD really work?

I mean, sitting and working out is a match made in lazy girl heaven, amiright? But, is it really doing anything? Surprisingly, yes! According to experts, you exert as much energy while using the miniTREAD as you would walking on a regular treadmill.

“A recent initial research study found nearly equivalent energy expenditure when walking while seated using the miniTREAD® when compared to walking on regular treadmill. I believe this is a no-brainer as a solution to providing essential physical exercise to virtually all people including those with physical limitations. –
Dr. Thomas W. Allen,  Former Dean, OK State University Medical School, Clinical Professor of Exercise and Sports Medicine,
University of OK School of Community Medicine

Can I really buy someone workout gear for Christmas?

Okay, it may seem taboo to buy someone a treadmill for Christmas. But, is it really? I can’t think of a better way to say, “I want to help you be healthier and feel great, because I love you!”

We all have that one person on our list who always wants a fitness appliance, whether it’s a tread climber, spin bike, Nordictrak, Yoga gear… Okay, it’s me. I’m that person. I secretly hope that gearing up will make me more motivated to get fit. But, then life happens and I’m never anywhere near said gear when I could be using it. I work a lot, and it just doesn’t work out. (And, therefore, neither do I!) That’s why this is so brilliant! Anyone can do it, and you can do while doing other things!

How does it work?

It’s motorized. You plug it in and it runs like a regular stand-up treadmill. It does not feel like a cheap, hokey contraption; it feels smooth and has a natural motion that makes it easy to keep you moving.

It feels like a cross between being on a bike and a standing treadmill. You feel it in your calves, hamstrings, quads and your core muscles. The remote control has a readout that shows your steps, distance, calories, speed and how long you’ve been exercising. Of course, you can use it to speed up or slow down as needed.

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Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Onthemuv’s miniTREAD under desk treadmill. It’s a smart solution to working and working out. Use it at the office, in your home office, or even in front of the TV!

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