Little Learning Hands World Explorers Subscription Box


Each of us received a Little Learning Hands World Explorers Subscription Box for kids 6-12 Welcome Kit and one Country Kit of our choice (choices are France, China, Germany and Mexico).

This subscription box for kids can be a one-time purchase, or save more by ordering up to a year in advance. Your first month, all new subscribers will receive a Welcome Kit and a Country Kit. After that, you’ll keep getting country kits for as long as you’d like.

The Little Learning Hands subscription boxes bring the family together to help young minds learn about different cultures. From geography to architecture, food and culture, and even currency is covered in these boxes. Kids get a neat backpack they can design themselves, as well as super fun 3D puzzles and crafts. For example, my box was for Mexico, and we got to make a blanket! Krissy got China and built the Great Wall with her kids. In the France box, you’ll get the Eiffel Tower to build and enjoy for years to come. Germany’s box has a Brandenburg Gate 3D puzzle. You’ll learn about how big the country is compared to the USA, and you can even learn some phrases in their language!

Your first shipment will include the Global Welcome Kit with a Little Learning Hands Passport to keep track of your adventures, a scratch off map to mark your progress, global booklet, recipes, a 3D puzzle globe, table talk cards, and a backpack to take with you on your own adventures.

Each country box includes a Country Sticker to mark your exploration progress in your own Little Learning Hands Passport, a Country Booklet full of information, Two Recipe Cards (one savory and one sweet) to experience the country’s most delicious foods, four Table Talk Cards to start up the conversation, a 3D Puzzle: Built your way through most recognized landmarks of the world, another life skill building activity (arts, crafts, science, etc.), a Country Flag, and Play money so kids can see how currency looks in different locations.

In addition, you can visit their website for expanded learning experiences for each of the kits. Each country pages will provide your children access to more information online. There are photos, fun facts, music and more for each month’s country. For example: France, China, Mexico, and Germany.

Where Little Hands Play and Little Minds Grow!

Your kids will learn:

STEAM VALUES: Explore, Learn and Build with Little Learning Hands hands-on activities that span across art, science and more.

LIFE SKILLS: Empower children with valuable life skills.

CULTURAL ADVENTURE: Spark love for exploration and diversity.

FAMILY FUN: Bond as a family with Little Learning Hands activities around the dinner or art table!

How it works:
  1. Sign up for the world’s best adventure: Select your subscription plan and prepare for a great adventure!
  2. Receive your explorer kit monthly: Discover a new country, its culture and have fun with new activities every month.
  3. Explore the world all year at home: Learn about new cultures, build life skills and have fun with hands-on learning activities
Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! With the COVID-19 pandemic, more than ever this is a timely and perfect gift for kids on your list to shop for! Ordering is easy, and they’ll enjoy all year long. We highly recommend it!

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