LissommeX Waist Trainer


Funny story about the LissommeX Waist Trainer. Apparently I have that phenomenon where your eyes don’t see things quite right. You know what I mean, like when you take more food than you could ever eat. Which, in this case, is exactly why my waist trainer will not fit me for a while. I ordered the wrong size! Did you try stretching it, you ask? Yes. I stood on one side and pulled on it like it was some resistance band from hell.  The instructions say something like: it’s hard to get on the first time, but don’t give up. But, I. Gave. Up.

So, I can’t tell you what it’s like to wear it, but I can tell you it’s super well made. The two hooks I managed to get together really gave it the old college try, battling and holding on for dear life. Seriously, guys, it was impressive. Of course, then I couldn’t unhook it and almost died laughing at the thought I would need help out of it. Nobody needs to see that.

It’s a nice, thick fabric and it is breathable. Well, wait, I should preface that with “I couldn’t actually breathe“. But, again, that was my fault for ordering the wrong size. The fabric is a very nice, breathable mesh. Unlike that ridiculous workout bodysuit I found on some cheap site, which could double as a wet suit. When I wear that I sweat so much it is, in fact, a wet suit. But, back to the LissommeX Waist Trainer. It is very well made and actually really pretty. I plan on losing some weight so I should be able to fit into the size I [so wrongly] chose soon.

You can use the mesh as an indicator — if you can see the mesh while you wear the waist trainer, it means the size is correct, if not, the trainer is too large for you and it’s time to size down.

The LissommeX Waist Trainer has bones in it to hold its shape, but they’re not intrusive or painful. It has moon-shape cutouts so it doesn’t jab into your rib cage.

With the 15 super flexible steel bones wrapped around your waist, the LissommeX Waist Trainer provides the perfect balance of support, shaping, and comfort while giving a golden ratio to your waist and hips.

So, aside from me being a comedian, this is actually a very high quality waist trainer that would be really great to help train that darned old waist to behave. Whether you’re working out, hanging out around the house (so many puns, so little time), or getting dressed up – this can help you look your best.

LissommeX Waist Trainer provides the best waist training result with the comfort you deserve. With our patented hourglass design, the waist trainer can easily adapt to your body shape, providing you the desired body shape you wanted in the modern age.

Don’t order the wrong size! Check out their size guide on their website, and measure yourself. Your eyes may deceive, but a tailor’s tape tells all.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you’re looking for a high quality waist trainer, that’s designed to work with any body shape, then we highly recommend the LissommeX Waist Trainer.

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