Kingston DataTraveler 80 USB Flash Drive 256GB


Why would anyone want a functional necessity like a flash drive for the holidays? Simple, it’s functional and necessary! Having a high-speed, high capacity backup drive like this doesn’t matter – until it does. And then, boy does it ever! With 256 GB of space, you can store something like 70,000+ photos that are in standard smartphone format (12MP or around 3.5 MB each). And, what good is all that space if it takes forever to use it? That’s where the speedy new Type-C USB comes in to race away with the day.

Fun story, last summer I was fortunate enough to be able to take my college friend’s wedding photos. My daughter took the video. The event was COVID-safe (and thank goodness she didn’t have to cancel). Long story short, I was able to hand her the entire wedding (more than 900 photos!) and hours-long video on one little thumb drive. You guessed it, I trusted the DataTraveler with these cherished memories!

Kingston’s DataTraveler® 80 is a high-performance USB flash drive that supports Type-C laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets without the need for an adapter. With extremely fast transfer speeds of up to 200MB/s Read and 60MB/s Write, the DataTraveler® 80 allows quick and convenient file transfers. The compact and capped design with a durable casing and keyring loop makes it ideal for on-the-go storage.

Available in capacities from 32GB–256GB, DataTraveler® 80 is a dependable Type-C USB drive that comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Kingston DataTraveler 80 USB Flash Drive is the perfect stocking stuffer. Don’t settle for cheap imitations when it comes to important documents, schoolwork, cherished photos and videos. We highly recommend Kingston, a leader in the data storage industry.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We cannot say enough about this brand. We’ve recommended them for years!

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