Kickerfeast Pancake & Waffle Mix


The other day, someone asked, “what do you eat for breakfast on Christmas?” Actually, I have never really thought much about that. The big meal is dinner that day, so who cares about breakfast? Right? But, what if the whole family participated in a fun, new ritual making pancakes or waffles together? Because, then you get to eat them!

Kickerfeast Pancake & Waffle Mixes are the perfect way to start a new tradition. They’re healthier, and a delicious alternative to plain pancakes. This premium mix is made with simple, wholesome ingredients, giving you natural color and uncompromising flavor.

Teri said that they were different than normal pancake batter when cooking because they were so moist. Because of that, it was super hard to flip them without them falling apart. Her grandchildren liked them at first, but then thought they had an aftertaste. She didn’t notice that, so we’re not sure what they were talking about. Maybe someone spilled the beans that they’re good for you. lol

When I made them, I had no trouble with the consistency or flipping the pancakes. They are so bright and colorful and fun! The taste is really good too. I love that they’re good for you!

So, whether you want pancakes or waffles, this mix is simple to use because you just add water! They come in Blueberry, Beet, Carrot, and Pumpkin.

Add your favorite toppings and syrup. Enjoy!

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Kickerfeast Pancake & Waffle mixes for a healthy, colorful and delicious breakfast.

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