Heist: Team One Mission Team Challenge Game


If you love spending time with your kids or teens, then this is a perfect gift. I’m noticing a trend this year. More friends and family are giving experiences rather than gifts. In other words, they’re giving kids memory-making times, instead of toys. I love the idea, but I can’t afford to give all of my gift list a trip to the Bahamas. So, here’s a great alternative! Get ready for family game night! Put down the video game controller, and pick your teams. The Gimmie Girls highly recommend Heist, Crack The Safe to Get The Gold, The Fast Paced Electronic Cooperative Team Challenge Game. Because Heist One makes you think fast! Each team of up to 4 players is trying to crack the safe to get $50 million! It’s like playing Simon Says, but  your family has to work together to win! With 5 progressive game levels, you’ve got to work hard to become the Heist champions. It’s tons of fun that’ll get your family moving and make fantastic memories!

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