Green Screen! Valera Screens Creator 95


With the COVID pandemic, more than ever people are doing Zoom calls to stay in touch, and even work and go to school. No longer only for gamers and lifestyle influencers (but certainly them too!)

So, what do you do when you’ve been living in your home office for the past 10 months and everything is a mess? Well, just pull out the handy dandy Valera green screen!

What is a Valera Green Screen?

Everyone from busy moms working from home, students in virtual classrooms to gamers and lifestyle influencers are putting their best selves forward with our ultra-portable, high-quality and affordable green screen solutions. Video communication is here to stay, and the colder season means more time on Zoom or in a virtual classroom. Hunker down and have some fun with a portable green screen to transport you to a new destination or polish up your video chats! Hide those messy rooms and have fun with custom backgrounds (gallery included with purchase)!


The Valera Explorer is considered a mobile green screen (go anywhere!) and it comes with a tripod. Lightweight at only 8 lbs, you can adjust it any way you want and use it tall or wide. It’s set up in a snap and prices start at just $129.00.

The Valera Creator 95 is portable and collapsible. It weighs just 11 lbs and has a huge surface – the largest collapsible green screen available – at 59″ x 75″. You can set it up in around 10 seconds! And, it retails for $159.00.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Valera green screens for the 2020 pandemic and beyond. They’re very well made and portable. And, you can save face with a gorgeous background instead of that messy room!

WIN IT:  We are giving away a Valera green screen Creator 95 to one lucky winner!

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