Easy Feeling Wellness Hemp Softgels + Melatonin & CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix


The year 2020 has been challenging. And, a number one priority for most people is keeping themselves and their family healthy and safe. We’re not talking just steering clear of COVID, we’re talking about changes in lifestyles that include less physical activity which can result in more pain and discomfort. So, for Christmas this year more than ever, products that help people with pain, anxiety and sleep are more popular than ever.

We loved the Easy Feeling Wellness CBD Softgels + Melatonin we were sent. Softgels are easy to swallow and last a long time, compared to the CBD oils we’ve tried. They’re especially fantastic for getting to sleep and actually staying asleep so you wake up rested and feeling refreshed.

Then, to get the most out of your day, we recommend the Easy Feeling Wellness CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix. It tastes good, and gives you energy you’ll love! Great for after working out, and much better than drinking too much coffee. These actually have caffeine in them!

CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix is balanced with 120mg of caffeine and 12.5mg hemp CBD, plus performance-enhancing amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts. When CBD is combined with caffeine, you should get a calm, yet energized feeling that’s perfect for any pre- or post-workout routine….The fast-acting drink mix blends easily into 12 to 24oz of water, so you can discreetly power-up your day anywhere, anytime.

According to the FDA, additional research is needed to validate these effects.

  • Zero sugar
  • Vitamin-infused for an active lifestyle
  • 100% THC-free
  • Energy-boosting, performance-enhancing hydration
  • May help with recovery from exercise-induced inflammation and soreness
  • Premium hemp grown by farmers in the U.S.A.
  • Broad-spectrum and non-GMO
  • Each batch is 3rd-Party tested for your peace of mind!

What is Hemp Plant Extract?

Let’s start with what it’s not: Hemp plant extract is NOT intoxicating, and won’t get you “high!” (that’s its cousin, the marijuana plant). Hemp plants, and their now-popular extracts and oils, offer a rich blend of phytocannabinoids that interact with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which helps regulate many of the body’s functions. Discover our growing list of FAQs about all things hemp.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend Easy Feeling Wellness CBD Softgels + Melatonin and CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix. One will help you get great sleep, and the other will help you power through your day!

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