CBD Dog Treats: Merry Munchies or Calming Crunchies!


With a name like Dope Dog, we just had to check this one out. All four of the Gimmie Girls are dog moms. We love our fur babies and want them to be happy, healthy, and live long lives. So, when a product comes along that can help make all those things happen, we’re on it!

Meet the Gimmie Dogs

Dogs are wonderful companions; but, let’s face it, they can be quirky. For example, I have three dogs – two chocolate labs and a MinPin. Besides varying in size, they could not be more different personality wise. Ginger Ann, our 4 year old purebred Chocolate Lab, is sweet and gentle. She’s a protector and might ‘scary bark’ at intruders, but she’d do anything for a treat. Jersey Sue is our 3 year old Chocolate and Australian Shepard mix breed. She gets her energy from the Aussie side and wants to RUN whenever, wherever possible. She’s a jumper and she is my faithful companion, crying and carrying on whenever I leave the house. Snoopy is our 13 year old ‘big boy’ Miniature Pinscher. He’s small but mighty! He keeps his girls in line (that’s not what he calls them!) HA! Mostly he prefers to be warm, snuggled under a blanket which he has ferociously beaten into the right shape to suit his comfort level. In short, he’s a grumpy old man.

What did Gimmie Dogs think of Dope Dog?

If I were the one reading this, I’d probably envision these dogs listening to the Grateful Dead and munching on Scooby snacks. But, actually, that wasn’t the case. They didn’t act weird at all, but we did notice some things. For example, there was an increase in playfulness in our older MinPin. Where he normally would hibernate in a warm blanket, he was up and about, joining the girls in a game of “which toy is best?” He was the most noticeable improvement.

Ginger sometimes has hip problems, but that hasn’t been the case lately so I’m not sure if Dope Dog would help that. My sweet stressed out Jersey girl actually calmed down a bit, but not like subdued. She was still her playful self. I left the house and her separation anxiety seemed to have improved. She is normally afraid of everything and sometimes won’t go outside at night. But, Dope Dog Treats helped her to not be afraid of the dark. I can’t wait for my dogs to try these when there’s fireworks. None of my dogs like fireworks, but poor Jersey looks like she’s having an panic attack!

My dogs are also very light sleepers, so we’re hoping this actually helps them get to sleep and stay asleep at night. Because, right now they get up many times at night, and wake us up when they do.

Benefits of CBD Dog Treats

Some of the benefits of Dope Dog Treats are listed here: Natural anxiety relief, pain relief, and preventative wellness used to treat separation anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, epilepsy, aging, and more. Perfect for travel, grooming, storms, fireworks, rehoming, and more.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We highly recommend these CBD dog treats from Dope Dog! Dogs love the taste, and they help with all sorts of behavioral issues.

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