Absorbits Reusable Device Rescue Pouch


Shopping for the guy or gal who has everything? Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to get an Absorbits Reusable Dehumidifier and Dry Storage Pouch!

Has Your Phone Ever Gotten Wet?

You never know when you might walk into the swimming pool to save your best friend’s child, without realizing your phone is in your back pocket. I mean, they call them emergencies for a reason! Who has time to think, “oh, wait, let me save my phone” when the clock is ticking. (Okay,  yes, I did that.)

Or, there was the time Mr. Gimmie drove off with his iPad on the hood of his truck. Whoops! I spent hours looking for it – IN THE RAIN. You might be thinking, ‘he doesn’t appreciate you enough for all that, girl!’ Or, maybe that’s what I was thinking while wearing a pair of chest-high waders (I have photographic proof!), traipsing through the ditches near our cabin. But, I’m happy to report that although I didn’t find it that night, I did go back the next day and spent even more hours looking – and I FOUND IT! Then, I did what anyone would do. I wiped off as much water as I could and put it in a bag of rice for THREE days. Let me just say, it does work. But, the rice was questionable at best.

A Better Way to Rescue Your Wet Device

Water damage is no joke. Cell phone and tablet cases protect from water are a huge industry. But, still, accidents happen. All. The. Time.

So, what if you could immediately grab this awesome Absorbits and throw your device in there to dry out? It has a patented Bone-Dri Technology that removes moisture from your mobile device in a matter of hours. HOURS! Not days!

Fits ALL Devices!

You can’t go wrong, because Absorbits fits everything from iPhones to Androids and all types of tablets and devices.

Reusable! Multi-Use

Seriously, you can reuse it! Just dry with a hair dryer, or clothes dryer on the lowest setting.

Emergency Preparedness

My silly stories were from carelessness, but what about when actual disaster strikes. You don’t want to be caught without your phone.

Absorbits have been featured on NBC as a must-have for hurricane readiness. Don’t wait until something happens to prepare for cell phone first aid. Stock up on these cell phone drying kits and be ready to rescue your phone from moisture disaster.

Our patented Bone-Dri Technology allows for water and humidity extraction by utilizing materials that will wick away and compartmentalize moisture, thus bringing your electronics back to life.

Perfect for Outdoors Enthusiasts

Whether you leave your iPad on your vehicle and drive off, or you actually mean to hang out outside, whether it be camping, hiking – whatever you enjoy, the great outdoors can be rough on delicate devices. So, those who love it outside are the perfect gift recipient for a phone or tablet rescue pouch. Absorbits also padded, so you can store your device inside for extra protection while you’re out and about. 

Save the rice for dinnertime, Absorbits is the only phone-drying fix you’ll ever need.

Our Recommendation

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Absorbits are a high quality solution to saving your precious devices from water damage. Available in several colors, they’re reusable and would make a great gift!

WIN IT!  We’re giving away a Absorbits Reusable Dehumidifier and Dry Storage Pouch for either phone or tablet, in winner’s choice of colors!

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