GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep Review



GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep Review

Ghost Bed is family owned and proudly made in America by the sleep scientists at Nature’s Sleep. They offered a queen-size memory foam mattress and foundation (box spring) for us to try out, and to review for you.

Their spiel

Why is the GhostBed the right mattress for you? Because it’s proudly made in America by the sleep scientists at Nature’s Sleep. With decades of experience and eight distribution centers nationwide, GhostBed can quickly deliver pure sleep perfection to your front door.

We designed the GhostBed with top quality materials and the latest in sleep technology.
As a result, the Ghost Bed provides a perfect balance of supernatural comfort and total-body support.

Our story

Last fall, my dad was diagnosed with a cancer. In a whirlwind of big-people problems, he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his colon, along with about 1/3 of his colon and 32 lymph nodes. After a week in the hospital, he was moved to a rehabilitation facility which strongly resembled a nursing home (okay, it was one… although admittedly self-appointed, I was in charge of moral and became the family cheerleader. And, no one was allowed to call it a “nursing home.” “Sports Medicine” or “Rehab” were my names of choice for the place.)  Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the beds there were terribly uncomfortable for Dad.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice, new facility and they were top-of-the-line. In short, he just was not comfortable. He hurt. I hurt. We all hurt for him. I would do just about anything to help him. He’s been home since Halloween, but he’s struggled so much to get better. I was so excited to be able to replace is old mattress and help him get some much-needed, healing rest.

Our review

It’s easy to unpack the mattress, as we’ll show you in the unboxing video below.  The foundation goes together easily too — which my mom did by herself before I started filming. The mattress consists of 11 inches of “supernatural comfort,” made up of several layers of different stuff – latex foam (naturally responsive, plush and comfy), gel memory foam (to keep you cool), and a high density base layer (for support and a long-lasting mattress). So, unlike some foam mattresses that compact down and get those awful sinkholes after a short time, they say this one keeps bouncing back.

At first, the GhostBed mattress is cushy and comfy, but when you lay down it’s firm and supportive (but not at all like sleeping on a board that firm-mattress lovers used to have to put up with!) This would be good for anyone, whether you like a soft bed or a firm bed. But, if you’re used to a rock-hard mattress it may take some getting used to. 

When you lay on it, it doesn’t feel like anything at all is under you. I see why they call it a ghost bed!

– Wendy’s Mom


  • Conforms to your body.  My dad says that his body “sags into it” – which translates to, the bed forms around your body. That’s what takes some getting used to, especially for someone who is used to sleeping on a super firm bed. My dad is getting used to it. And my mom reports that he’s sleeping better than he has in a long time, and seems much more rested. Yay!
  • Feels really good. The top layer is cushy and keeps you cool
  • Firm support. The mattress supports well and seems firm – from underneath 
  • Easy to make the bed (like put the sheets and covers on), if you don’t fall asleep during the process (it’s very inviting!) -Mom


  • Dad doesn’t like he cant sit on edge, he sort of slides off. It doesn’t have any edge support.

Want to see for yourself? You can get a 101-night sleep trial and easy flex-pay options at They’re 25% less expensive than other foam mattresses on the market. And they offer free shipping and front door delivery.

Go check it out! We highly recommend it.

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