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Dove Men+Care Review

Dove Men+Care Review. Come by and read why all of the GimmieGirls and their guys were so impressed with this new line. You will not believe it!


Dove Men+Care Review

When given the chance to try out the whole line of Dove Men+Care products, the GimmieGirls unanimously agreed (and collectively cheered!)  Let’s face it, the chance to clean up our guys sounded intriguing.  And, the guys rarely get anything fun to review. Again, unanimously, we were surprised and impressed with this line of men’s grooming products.  Our guys are, well, guys.  They’re manly men who get dirty.  And, stinky.  And, did I mention dirty?  Each were impressed with the Dove Men+Care line. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to be surprised!  I don’t think the guys were either, which is why it’s, well, so surprising. I think the thing that shocked me the most was my dad (read about him in Pat’s story below), who has always had the stains of his labor on his hands.  You know that song “Daddy’s hands”?  Well, when I think of my daddy’s hands, I think of work-worn and grease-stained. This stuff got them clean.  I’m a little saddened by that, actually!  But, I know he’ll find some more dirt to grind under his fingernails so I’m not too worried.

Here’s what the GimmieGirls and their guys had to say about Dove Men+Care:

Pat: My husband has always worked with his hands. He’s a jack of all trades.  He’s been a mechanic, done auto-body repair, he’s even been a farmer, and he loves playing with his various heavy equipment (he owns two cranes and can practically braid hair with a skidsteer). To top it all off, he plays bass guitar and was in a band for years.  So, needless to say, his hands reflect all this hard work.  In addition to being worn and calloused, they are DIRTY and stained.  And, they pretty much always have been.  So, when Dove Men+Care sent us all these goodies to try, he was a bit skeptical.  He doesn’t put much stock into fancy-smelling soaps.  We were amazed that when he came out of the shower his hands were actually CLEAN.  In fact, cleaner than I ever remember seeing them!  And, soft!?  I still can’t believe one little old body wash could do that.  Oh, and about that fancy-smelling stuff – he smelled WONDERFUL from his hair to his toes (okay, I’m assuming the part about the toes ~ I didn’t get down and smell his feet).  In all, we are SUPER impressed and will be buying Dove Men+Care from now on!  This nice set would make a great gift for Father’s Day or Graduation. And, the recipient will love it!

Trish: When the Dove Men+Care products came in for us to try my husband was surprised and really excited. My husband goes through a lot of body products because he works so much, he has to constantly clean up and wash up after working full day shifts. In the box came Dove Men+Care Shave Balm, Face Wash, Shampoo/Conditioner, Shaving Cream, Face Lotion, Body Wash and Deodorant. Basically everything a man needs to keep himself clean, shaven and fresh! My husband really enjoyed coming home from a long day at work and being able to take a shower with his new body products and shave with his new shaving products. He mentioned how refreshed he felt and how glad he was that he didn’t smell like a woman anymore. My poor husband usually uses body wash with me and shampoo and those usually have a scent that leans more toward a woman scent rather than one for a man. He’s never used shampoo for men only and that was one of the favorite products he used. He really enjoyed these products and he says he’s definitely going to switch his usual body products for these instead! I also think they smell wonderful, the scents are fresh, his face was so smooth after using the products as well. I always think a man’s scent is comforting and this is a very comforting scent for me! The whole line of Dove+Men that we got to try out is completely amazing! The smells are wonderful, the products work great and my husband is able to feel fresh throughout his long work days. These products are perfect for the everyday man to the hard-working, down and dirty male!

Debbie: Recently, I signed my husband up for the Dollar Shave Club. He was a little puzzled on why I signed him up for a subscription grooming service. Then came the Dove’s Men+ Care samples; a full line that included body wash, face wash, shampoo/conditioner, shave balm, shaving cream, face lotion, and deodorant. He was completely overwhelmed by the amount of personal care items at his disposal. “Is there something you are trying to tell me about my personal grooming?” he asked. I assured him that we have been married for almost 16 years and if I have found his grooming habits offensive he would know by now.

Needless to say, he is not big on “beauty products”. He’s a bar of soap kind of guy. Getting a monthly supply of razors shipped to him was an extravagance. But he has come around and realized that taking a little care of yourself is not a bad thing! The Dove Mens+ Care line is packaged nicely to appeal to men. Not too flashy, and it doesn’t sport ridiculous names like “extreme mountain man sport” and “tough man don’t stink”….lol, you know what I mean! I like that it is subtle and doesn’t need to boast that it will increase a man’s masculinity.

My husband did like all of the samples. His two favorites were the Shaving Cream and Shave Balm. He does shave daily and has sensitive skin. He reported that the Dove Mens + Care Shaving Cream left a nice clean shave and the balm was very moistening. Okay, I did rephrase what he said a bit….he said it was “good”. I had to ask his specifically about the clean shave and moisturizing part. Men.

As for my opinion, I LOVE the way is smells. It has a slight spicy scent. Even our boys noticed that daddy smelled different. He asked the boys, “What did I smell like before?” My oldest replied, “I don’t know, but you smell good now!” Oh my goodness, kids.

So I say the Dove’s Men Care line is a winner. Will my husband go out and buy his own? Probably not, but he will use it if it’s there waiting for him!

Reylin: When first receiving the Dove Men+ Care products, I knew immediately that I was going to get my dad to try this. Because the set came with so much and was so nice, he thought it was an early Father’s Day gift. The set came with Dove Men+ Care shaving cream, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, face lotion, deodorant, and shave balm.

The body wash was one of the first things I smelled when receiving the package, and I was absolutely impressed. It smelled so good that even I wouldn’t be against using it myself. My dad was impressed also. He usually uses Zest bar soaps, so he really enjoyed using this. For the face lotion, I automatically assumed it would dry my dad’s face out, but it didn’t. He told me his face felt, in his words, “different but in a good way.” I think although he has never really been big into using face lotions, Dove Men+ Care may have started a new thing for him. When I asked him about the deodorant, he said “it gets its job done,” so I’m going to assume he gives the deodorant a rating of 5 stars out of 5.

After using all of these products, my dad said he’s going to continue to buy them after he runs out, so I think it’s safe to say that Dove Men+ Care products are pretty awesome. He loves all of it! They accomplished something my mom could never get my dad to do which is using men’s “beauty” products to pamper himself, instead of just using hotel room shampoo bottles he’s saved and bars of soap that he always buys and never change-up, and calling it a day. It got him to try something new, and well, he’s hooked. Although I gave this to my dad already, I think this makes a really, really good Father’s Day gift It consists of stuff men probably don’t usually buy themselves and won’t, but once it’s thrown into their hands, they love it. Now If only I would have thought to save the whole set for him until Father’s Day.

Laurie: We received a box full of Dove Men’s Care products recently.  I enlisted the help of my husband and two sons to help with this review (and also tried a couple of things myself).

First, I have to say I was surprised to see how many men care items Dove makes.  I think their current promotions for women/girls, “Real Beauty” and “Girls Self Esteem” are both just great.  I like that they take the focus away from air-brushed super models and put the focus back on real people like you and me.  My husband’s mother bought the pink Dove bar soap for as long as he can remember.  It was always their favorite. Okay, on to the Dove Men care products.  My guys are not big talkers, … nor are they overly concerned with “how they look/or smell”, etc… so it was a bit of a challenge to get details from them.  They all liked the products that they tried and mentioned no problems.  My husband tried the deodorant, and typically doesn’t like stick deodorant. but said Dove Men Deodorant was clear, and smooth. it also did not irritate his skin.

He said the shampoo cleaned his dirty, greasy hair really well (he works with cars, etc. a lot so gets really grubby).  He usually uses a dandruff shampoo, but he did not notice any problems after using the Dove Men Shampoo for a couple of days. He said his hair felt good, and wasn’t greasy.

He also tried the body wash and liked that as well. He said it seemed to clean well and went a long way. He said that the face wash felt greasy going on but after i dried off my face was dry and oil free.

I tried the shaving cream on my legs and thought it did well.  It has a nice smell, might be a little more masculine that I would normally want. I also tried the moisturizer (was really curious, lol), and thought that was nice also.

So bottom line, we think that the Dove Men care products work well, are very reasonably priced, and smell great. 🙂

Heather: Dove Men+ Care is an excellent men’s line offering a great variety of hair, face, and body products. Although the review was meant for the guy in my life, I decided to try some of the products out for myself, and instantly knew the body & face wash was mine for the keeping! 🙂 It has a luscious, light (almost powdery) men’s fragrance. It creates a rich lather, which is hard to come by with a lot of body washes. The best part is that it leaves your skin soft, and smooth! That’s totally important with the guys, I know so many who never pay much attention to what they use, and couldn’t care less if they washed everything with something as simple as a bar soap.

The shave gel creates a wonderful, and silky whip. The razor seems to just glide over areas, and help give you a closer shave. I love the long lasting scent of the deodorant. I have never been afraid to use men’s antiperspirant. It’s all the same to me! But, it always seems to last much longer than the women’s varieties.

I was really impressed with these products, and I suggest you introduce your guy to Dove Men + Care, or buy some for YOURSELF! 😉