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Del Sol & Cariloha| Review

Perfect for gift giving, head on over and see why we recommend Del Sol & Cariloha for graduation and father’s day in our newest review!


Del Sol & Cariloha| Review

Del Sol features color changing clothes and accessories for the whole family.  They have a weekly deal you won’t want to miss!  Be sure to sign up for the Cariloha email club and you’ll get 10% off and free stuff!

Del Sol

Debbie: I received Del Sol’s color-changing Soles flip-flops. The flip-flops appear a light grey when you are not in the sunlight and turn a light purple in the sun. The sandals did not get as purple as they appear on Del Sol’s website, but it is fun to watch them turn colors.

I wear flip-flops all summer long. I typically buy the cheap, rubber type of flip-flops due to my heavy sandal use. The Soles flip-flops are constructed well and felt sturdy. I initially thought they would probably be somewhat heavy and was pleasantly surprised on how light they felt when I first put them on.
The soles are slightly contoured to fit the bottoms of your feet. They are very comfortable flip-flops. I have even walked a couple of miles in them on asphalt and my feet felt just fine! Overall, I do like my Del Sol flip-flops. They are comfortable and attractive and will suit me for the summer. I only wish the “color change” feature were a little more vibrant. But for a comfortable pair of sandals, it does the job!

Reylin: Del Sol has a line of nail polish that changes colors in the sun, and I received the Fire & Ice nail polish. On the Del Sol website it claims that this one changes from Large Silver Sequins to Red Sequins. It’s one color when you’re inside, but a totally different color when you’re out in the sun. When first receiving this Fire & Ice color changing nail polish by Del Sol, I was very skeptical. I figured the nail polish would change colors a little but not to the extent that it did. It came in its “Ice” color, or silver, shade. The nail polish was not too watery so It wasn’t a mess. I’m usually bad at polishing my nails, but I didn’t get this all over my fingers too much. When I went outside in the sun, it change into it’s “fire” shade; a red, glittery shade. I was extremely amused by that. It changed quickly too. So after standing in the sun for a bit, I went back in and right away it started to change back into the silver, glittery shade. This nail polish is definitely fun. I kept going in and out of my house.

There’s a ton of shades of this nail polish that you can. They include Sparkling Spring, Here Comes The Sun, Hello Spring, Green With Envy, and much more. Even though I’ve only used the Fire & Ice, it’s my favorite so far. I’ll definitely be trying some of the other shades such as the Green with Envy shade. This one turns from jade glitter to forest green glitter.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Fire & Ice color changing Del Sol nail polish. It definitely does what it claims. The color change is very noticeable, and I will definitely buy more shade of this to play with.

Pat:  I received color-changing barrettes for my granddaughter. They seem like ordinary barrettes until you put them in the sun. They are nice, not flimsy and are a very pretty silver and clear (diamond color) stone when you’re indoors (see first picture below).  The stone is in a Disney Mickey Mouse pattern that’s super cute! Then, when go step outside in the sun they change to a vibrant blue or purple (two of each). Wow, even the metal part turned colors! My granddaughter couldn’t see them because they were in her hair. I was raving about how pretty they were and she couldn’t get them out fast enough to see what I was talking about. Ha! Ha! ha!!  Her friends at school loved them too, and couldn’t wait to get their hands on some for themselves.

Laurie: My niece loves Disney (who doesn’t!?) and so when given the chance to get her a Del Sol color-changing girl’s tshirt, she was thrilled!  She had a hard time choosing and didn’t actually choose the Disney Princess version as I thought she would (good thing I asked!)  She chose one called Swirly Dolphin, which starts out looking like it’s white and black / gray and turns into vibrant colors when you go outside in the sun. Her friends were so shocked and wanted their own!  Even I was pretty surprised at how colorful it was in the sun.  It’s completely black and white when you’re indoors!  This is a heavy cotton t-shirt too, constructed well and built to last even with a cute tomboyish little girl wants to wear it all the time. It’s machine washable too, which is vital to any mom who doesn’t want to have to mess with extra complicated laundry!


Trish: I picked out the set of 3 bathroom towels from Cariloha. The towels came in a regular sized towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. What intrigued me about these towels and all the products on Cariloha is that they are made with bamboo! I have never actually had any product made with bamboo before so I really wanted to try this out! I’m also going toward more green products and Eco-friendly which these bamboo products are! Another thing I noticed about these towels were that they were naturally anti-bacterial! These towels will be used in the bathroom and with the entire family so this is a fantastic perk to these amazing towels! When I got them I noticed how heavy and durable the towels felt, all my towels seem to wear and tear easily being used by the whole family, these I feel will be lasting a very long time! They are also SUPER soft! I always think of towels as being a bit scratchy and rough on the skin but these are the most comfortable and soft towels I have ever used on my skin! These towels are also super absorbent, they soak the water right up from your skin and your hair! After drying off they also don’t feel very wet as other towels do, I can hang these right up and continue use for much longer before washing them! These towels are amazing and we are really enjoying them! As satisfied as I am, I’m planning on purchasing more bamboo products from Cariloha! If you’re looking for eco-friendly, long lasting, super comfortable products, Cariloha is the place for you! 

Wendy: I have needed new sheets for quite some time, and have put off buying because I can’t find any I really like. So, when Cariloha offered this gorgeous Bamboo Bed Sheet set, in a lovely tan color (my favorite), I jumped at the chance!  They arrived quickly and I noticed right away how much heavier they are than my old sheets. I opened the package and was amazed at how soft and dense they feel. They’re smooth and luxurious, and I couldn’t wait to get in between them!  I made up my bed and laid down, and just melted into the softness. They are truly awesome!  There’s nothing better than a soft, comfy bed to snuggle up in. Sleep is so very important, and being comfortable is vital to getting good, restful sleep. I cannot say enough good things about these sheets. They are superb!!


Heather: I received Cariloha’s Bamboo Sheet set in *Sage* for review, and I’m in love! 

For many years now I have suffered from sleep issues. To me a big part of getting a good nights sleep is in the level of comfort. I can’t sleep without my two memory foam additions, I love being able to just sink into the bed after a long day, but I’ve never put much thought into my sheets. I usually just throw down a big comforter, and make do. That all changed when I got these Bamboo sheets! 

First off let me say, I had no idea there was even such a thing! One would think sheets made of Bamboo might be kind of stiff, and uncomfortable, but they are actually very soft, and rather silky! I have never had the pleasure of resting on those super expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, but I can’t imagine any sheets feeling more luxurious as these!

I love the fact that they are hypo-allergenic as my little girl is very sensitive, and she likes to crawl in bed with me every now, and then. She has already claimed one of my pillows because she said the pillowcase feel like the silkies on her blanket! Its a good thing the bedding set came with two! 🙂

Cariloha calls this *The most comfortable bedding on the planet*, and I have to agree! If you are looking to spoil yourself, BUY THIS SET!