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DynaTrap Insect Trap (Get Rid of Bugs) Review


DynaTrap Insect Trap (Get Rid of Bugs) Review

The friendly folks at DynaTrap Insect Trap offered to send me a 1/2 acre unit to review and tell you about. Since we moved to Wisconsin and have a lake cabin about 10 minutes away from our new house, an insect trap is JUST what we needed!  The mosquitoes are SO bad this year. It is just awful! You can’t even sit outside after the sun starts to go down. They will eat you alive!

So, what did I think?  First, set up is a snap! All you do is take it out of the box and plug it in. You can hang it, or set it on a table. It can run 24/7, and doesn’t matter if it gets rained on or anything. Just set it, and forget it! 😉

The instructions suggest that it might take a few weeks to achieve optimal results. After plugging it in, it goes to work fighting insects, flying bugs, mosquitoes and everything you can think of in the creepy crawly category.

I didn’t notice a difference immediately, and sadly I waited until we needed the bugs gone to plug it in. But, literally within a few days there were fewer bugs.  After a few weeks (even at the LAKE where bugs usually win!) there are just NO pesky pests bothering us as long as the DynaTrap is there.  I know that’s probably hard to believe, but that is my experience.

For example, at the 4th of July party at the cabin, we were sitting around the campfire and my friend LeeAnn said, “wow, there are no bugs out here. They are out of control at my house.”  One by one everyone chimed in that the bugs are terrible this year “at their house.”  So I said, “I think it’s the Dynatrap!”  “No,” one person had read a news report that there were less mosquitoes temporarily. “What?? We’re in Wisconsin!  I think it’s the DynaTrap Insect Trap!”  Aye, my family. What can you do?  But, even now – three weeks later, there are virtually no bugs at the cabin. They are in full force everywhere else.

It really works.

Here are my favorite things about the DynaTrap Insect Trap:

  • It really works! Bugs are GONEZO!
  • No need to mess with it; leave it on 24/7 – rain or shine
  • Super easy to set up, just plug in and hang up or set on table
  • No zapping noise like old bug zappers (shudders!)
  • Takes no more electricity than a standard light bulb
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Craftsman Wood-Plastic Composite Storage Shed Review


Craftsman Wood-Plastic Composite Storage Shed Review

You can imagine how thrilled I was when offered a Craftsman storage shed to review and tell you about! Since we just moved to Wisconsin last year, we don’t have a lot of the things you acquire after living somewhere for a while. One of those things is a nice garden storage shed.  At our old house we had a Rubbermaid shed (and I use the term “shed” loosely here, it was kind of a hot mess, really).  It was the kind with a slide lid (the roof slid over for easier access).  It was not waterproof or water tight – not even a little bit. It was prone to popping apart which was really super helpful (read my sarcasm).  But, we got it free and that’s about what it was worth. When we moved, we gave it away again. Now it’s someone else’s problem.

The thing about Wisconsin winters is, you can’t get something that will cave in under the weight of snow.  It has to be sturdy! And, having something that’s going to leak is just asking for trouble. So, in my attempt to go shed shopping I thought we’d probably have to buy lumber and fuddle through building something.  My dad (who is good at everything!) used to build little storage sheds. They were adorable! And they were built to last. Most of them have lasted for more than 30 years now!

Okay, so I’ve painted a picture of my experience and expectations with storage sheds.  In short, unless my daddy built it – it’s probably going to be stupid.

Oh, but wait. This is about the Craftsman storage shed. 😉

What’s in the box: well, everything you need to build it, silly!  You’ll need a few tools – actually just a screw gun, screw driver, rubber mallet and uh… well, check the manual but that’s all I can think of.  It comes on a pallet, delivered by freight right to your door. You can pick them up at a Sears store if you prefer to save on shipping costs.  Mine came via freight. It weighs 400 lbs! If weight is any indicator of quality, this is a real gem.

Some assembly required. There are 44 easy steps to put this bad boy together. Okay, that makes it sound bad. There are, but it is really very simple. I did it in about 4.5 hours BY MYSELF!  Yes, I am a girl, and yes I did it myself! 🙂  Okay, to be totally honest my 8-year old helped a little.  And by that I mean she handed me the screwdriver once and she picked up and played with the packing styrofoam.  Oh! And, there were two parts that I physically couldn’t do alone (you have to be in two places).  So, when hubby felt up to it he helped attach the roof and level the doors.

Prepare your base. Oh, wait, back up!  First step was making a surface that was level enough to build the shed. Before even getting to step 1 in the instruction manual, I made the ground level. I then added 2″ deep of pea gravel and 1 5/8″ thick cement landscaping pavers. That way my shed will be nice and level, and has a good solid foundation. You don’t have to do all that. You can build it on the ground or on a slab. You could build a wooden foundation. There are tons of options, but this worked best for us.

Okay, so THEN I put it together – mostly by myself…

Like I said, it went together in about 4.5 hours. I’m assuming if I had built it with two people (which is recommended) it would have gone much faster.  Unlike those sweet, adoring couples you see on home improvement shows that work well together, my husband and I work better when we’re not together. Not even in the same city. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, we just don’t work well together on projects like these. 😉

This storage shed is made of a wood-plastic composite. That means basically that it’s strong like wood but will last like plastic. It is very sturdy, unlike other plastic storage sheds I’ve seen. It went together easily, and except for a few bent pieces (probably happened in transport and not a huge deal), everything lined up perfectly.  There was only one place in the instructions that I should have paid closer attention, but that was my fault and I blame it on not taking a break for 4.5 hours. I was tired and not thinking straight.  Nothing bad happened, I just put 4 screws in too soon and had to remove them to attach the roof. Not a big deal.

In summary: The Craftsman storage building I received to review is impressive. It’s great looking, easy to build and offers a smart way to store your lawn and garden tools – or whatever you want to store. And, best of all, it’s built to last!

From the manufacturer:

Craftsman 7′ 6″ x 4′ Wood Plastic Composite Storage Building, 157 cu. ft. – Exclusive VersaTrack™ Compatibility

The world’s first DIY shed made of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) material, fuses the advantages of wood and resin to offer the best of both worlds. Craftsman 7.5′ x 4′ WPC Storage Building integrates the strength, rigidity, and natural beauty of wood with the superior durability and maintenance-free qualities of resin.

This shed’s composite material resists rot, rodents and corrosion and withstands all types of weather. It also requires no paint or varnish unlike traditional shed materials like raw wood or metal.

Even unskilled DIYers will have an easy assembly with this 7.5’x4’ shed’s pre-cut, pre-drilled tongue & groove panels. Wide double doors, plenty of natural light and ample airflow, and internal height of more than 8’, will make it an extremely comfortable storing space. Furthermore, the walls of this shed are Versatrack compatible, providing flexible mounting options of hooks, shelves, racks, slot walls or pegboards (not included) for freed up floor space and better organization of tools and equipment.

An environmentally-friendly shed, this storage building is made of residual wood fiber and recycled thermoplastics. Its elegant design and the reach beauty of its wood-grain appearance make it a perfect match for your home and landscaping.

Exquisite design. Unmatched sturdiness. Great longevity. Craftsman 7.5′ x 4′ WPC Storage Building has it all.

  • 0.8” double-wall Wood-Plastic Composite construction
  • Versatrack compatible for easy customization with hooks, shelves and more to meet your storage needs
  • Maintenance free: no rot, no rodents and no paint required
  • Full-length skylight and door windows for natural light
  • Steel-reinforced 3D tile roof
  • Stainless-steel locking system for added security
  • Eco-friendly: made of recycled thermoplastics and reclaimed wood waste
  • 157 cu. ft. of storage
  • 90.2″ x 48″ x 99.4″ exterior dimensions
  • 10-year limited warranty
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Strongback Chairs Review


Strongback Chairs Review

Strongback chairs are not your ordinary travel chair. They’re a lawn chair you can bring along to enjoy a day at the park, picnic, sporting event or for any place you need an easy-to-carry chair. But, on top of that, they are the most comfortable travel chair you will ever find! My husband and I both have bad backs (he’s had two back surgeries and suffers terribly!)  This chair is constructed well, and uses ergonomically placed bars to hold the lower back support so firm you won’t believe you’re in a fold-up chair. They call it their exclusive frame integrated lumbar support technology.  They guarantee it’s more comfortable and gives superior support. Whatever you call it, this chair is crazy comfortable!!  It doesn’t weigh more; it weighs the same as an average travel chair.  It’s light weight and easy to pop up or snap shut (it comes with a little buckle to keep it together when collapsed.

We brought ours to a soccer game and enjoyed how comfortable they were. We also brought them to a parade, and as I looked around at others, squirming in their uncomfortable lawn chairs, I was so happy to have such a comfortable chair to sit in! Not like regular folding chairs that are hard to get in and out of and give you a backache, these chairs are seriously amazing. They let you get out and stay active.

Colors available:

  • Strongback ELITE: Lime green and grey
  • Strongback ELITE: Forest green and brown
  • Strongback Zen: Navy and black
  • Strongback Zen: Lime green and gray
  • Strongback Zen: Forest green and brown

Key Features:

  • Patent-pending technology represents an evolution of the traditional camp chair by adding exclusive, frame-integrated, lumbar support – all while maintaining the ease of use, light weight and portability people expect and appreciate in portable chairs.
  • Ergonomic seat design allows you to relax against the comfortable lumbar support while preventing the uncomfortable leg-pinch from the fabric in the front of the seat that is common in many other chairs.

Other Features:

  • Dual shoulder straps on the bag allow for back-pack style hands-free carrying.
  • The heavy duty polyester 600D tear and wear resistant fabric and the silver powder coated steel frame ensure this chair is built to last.
  • Convenient on-top bag handle for easy moving around, pulling out of those cramped places, and getting the chair back into the bag.
  • Easy-clip on the back of the chair allows you to clip the chair into its folded position for quick storage and moving.
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Del Sol & Cariloha| Review


Del Sol & Cariloha| Review

Del Sol features color changing clothes and accessories for the whole family.  They have a weekly deal you won’t want to miss!  Be sure to sign up for the Cariloha email club and you’ll get 10% off and free stuff!

Del Sol

Debbie: I received Del Sol’s color-changing Soles flip-flops. The flip-flops appear a light grey when you are not in the sunlight and turn a light purple in the sun. The sandals did not get as purple as they appear on Del Sol’s website, but it is fun to watch them turn colors.

I wear flip-flops all summer long. I typically buy the cheap, rubber type of flip-flops due to my heavy sandal use. The Soles flip-flops are constructed well and felt sturdy. I initially thought they would probably be somewhat heavy and was pleasantly surprised on how light they felt when I first put them on.
The soles are slightly contoured to fit the bottoms of your feet. They are very comfortable flip-flops. I have even walked a couple of miles in them on asphalt and my feet felt just fine! Overall, I do like my Del Sol flip-flops. They are comfortable and attractive and will suit me for the summer. I only wish the “color change” feature were a little more vibrant. But for a comfortable pair of sandals, it does the job!

Reylin: Del Sol has a line of nail polish that changes colors in the sun, and I received the Fire & Ice nail polish. On the Del Sol website it claims that this one changes from Large Silver Sequins to Red Sequins. It’s one color when you’re inside, but a totally different color when you’re out in the sun. When first receiving this Fire & Ice color changing nail polish by Del Sol, I was very skeptical. I figured the nail polish would change colors a little but not to the extent that it did. It came in its “Ice” color, or silver, shade. The nail polish was not too watery so It wasn’t a mess. I’m usually bad at polishing my nails, but I didn’t get this all over my fingers too much. When I went outside in the sun, it change into it’s “fire” shade; a red, glittery shade. I was extremely amused by that. It changed quickly too. So after standing in the sun for a bit, I went back in and right away it started to change back into the silver, glittery shade. This nail polish is definitely fun. I kept going in and out of my house.

There’s a ton of shades of this nail polish that you can. They include Sparkling Spring, Here Comes The Sun, Hello Spring, Green With Envy, and much more. Even though I’ve only used the Fire & Ice, it’s my favorite so far. I’ll definitely be trying some of the other shades such as the Green with Envy shade. This one turns from jade glitter to forest green glitter.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Fire & Ice color changing Del Sol nail polish. It definitely does what it claims. The color change is very noticeable, and I will definitely buy more shade of this to play with.

Pat:  I received color-changing barrettes for my granddaughter. They seem like ordinary barrettes until you put them in the sun. They are nice, not flimsy and are a very pretty silver and clear (diamond color) stone when you’re indoors (see first picture below).  The stone is in a Disney Mickey Mouse pattern that’s super cute! Then, when go step outside in the sun they change to a vibrant blue or purple (two of each). Wow, even the metal part turned colors! My granddaughter couldn’t see them because they were in her hair. I was raving about how pretty they were and she couldn’t get them out fast enough to see what I was talking about. Ha! Ha! ha!!  Her friends at school loved them too, and couldn’t wait to get their hands on some for themselves.

Laurie: My niece loves Disney (who doesn’t!?) and so when given the chance to get her a Del Sol color-changing girl’s tshirt, she was thrilled!  She had a hard time choosing and didn’t actually choose the Disney Princess version as I thought she would (good thing I asked!)  She chose one called Swirly Dolphin, which starts out looking like it’s white and black / gray and turns into vibrant colors when you go outside in the sun. Her friends were so shocked and wanted their own!  Even I was pretty surprised at how colorful it was in the sun.  It’s completely black and white when you’re indoors!  This is a heavy cotton t-shirt too, constructed well and built to last even with a cute tomboyish little girl wants to wear it all the time. It’s machine washable too, which is vital to any mom who doesn’t want to have to mess with extra complicated laundry!


Trish: I picked out the set of 3 bathroom towels from Cariloha. The towels came in a regular sized towel, a hand towel and a washcloth. What intrigued me about these towels and all the products on Cariloha is that they are made with bamboo! I have never actually had any product made with bamboo before so I really wanted to try this out! I’m also going toward more green products and Eco-friendly which these bamboo products are! Another thing I noticed about these towels were that they were naturally anti-bacterial! These towels will be used in the bathroom and with the entire family so this is a fantastic perk to these amazing towels! When I got them I noticed how heavy and durable the towels felt, all my towels seem to wear and tear easily being used by the whole family, these I feel will be lasting a very long time! They are also SUPER soft! I always think of towels as being a bit scratchy and rough on the skin but these are the most comfortable and soft towels I have ever used on my skin! These towels are also super absorbent, they soak the water right up from your skin and your hair! After drying off they also don’t feel very wet as other towels do, I can hang these right up and continue use for much longer before washing them! These towels are amazing and we are really enjoying them! As satisfied as I am, I’m planning on purchasing more bamboo products from Cariloha! If you’re looking for eco-friendly, long lasting, super comfortable products, Cariloha is the place for you! 

Wendy: I have needed new sheets for quite some time, and have put off buying because I can’t find any I really like. So, when Cariloha offered this gorgeous Bamboo Bed Sheet set, in a lovely tan color (my favorite), I jumped at the chance!  They arrived quickly and I noticed right away how much heavier they are than my old sheets. I opened the package and was amazed at how soft and dense they feel. They’re smooth and luxurious, and I couldn’t wait to get in between them!  I made up my bed and laid down, and just melted into the softness. They are truly awesome!  There’s nothing better than a soft, comfy bed to snuggle up in. Sleep is so very important, and being comfortable is vital to getting good, restful sleep. I cannot say enough good things about these sheets. They are superb!!


Heather: I received Cariloha’s Bamboo Sheet set in *Sage* for review, and I’m in love! 

For many years now I have suffered from sleep issues. To me a big part of getting a good nights sleep is in the level of comfort. I can’t sleep without my two memory foam additions, I love being able to just sink into the bed after a long day, but I’ve never put much thought into my sheets. I usually just throw down a big comforter, and make do. That all changed when I got these Bamboo sheets! 

First off let me say, I had no idea there was even such a thing! One would think sheets made of Bamboo might be kind of stiff, and uncomfortable, but they are actually very soft, and rather silky! I have never had the pleasure of resting on those super expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, but I can’t imagine any sheets feeling more luxurious as these!

I love the fact that they are hypo-allergenic as my little girl is very sensitive, and she likes to crawl in bed with me every now, and then. She has already claimed one of my pillows because she said the pillowcase feel like the silkies on her blanket! Its a good thing the bedding set came with two! 🙂

Cariloha calls this *The most comfortable bedding on the planet*, and I have to agree! If you are looking to spoil yourself, BUY THIS SET!


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Kid Safe Headphones ~ Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony | Review


Kid Safe Headphones ~ Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony | Review

  • Kid safe technology with volume control
  • Hello Kitty decorated, padded ear cups for extra comfort
  • High Quality, Full Range Stereo Sound

You can get Kid Safe Headphones in several styles. We got to choose between Hello Kitty Kid Safe Headphones, Barbie Kid Safe Headphones and My Little Pony Kid Safe Headphones.

In summary, we loved them. Even the boys and grown ups loved them!!

The Kid-Safe Headphones feature sound isolation that helps clarify audio, a ferrite magnet that reinforces sound, and large, full-range drivers that deliver powerful audio, along with a built-in volume limiter to protect children’s hearing. The playful pink design features everyone’s favorite Sanrio, Barbie or MLP character for a fun listening experience wherever you are.

Key Features
  • Suitable for children ages 3-9
  • Parent Approved for safe use
  • Kid-Safe technology for safe listening

Here’s what the rest of the Gimmie Girls thought:

Debbie: I have learned that my son is completely secure in his gender. When I pulled out the Hello Kitty Kids Safe Headphones from the packaged they came in, he immediately asked if they were for him. “You want these pink Hello Kitty Headphones?” I asked. “Uh, yeah. My other ones are broken and those look small enough for me,” he replied…the words of a 6-year-old boy.

Well, the Kids Safe Headphones did fit well on his head. They are very lightweight and my son reported that they did not feel heavy when he had them on. It’s easily adjustable and works on any electronic device with an earphone jack. He tested the headphones on his iPod and my iPad with success. The volume is adequate and it not too loud even when he turns the volume way up on the media devices (he likes to listen to things very loud). I am constantly telling him to turn down the volume. His last headphones had a volume control, but I was always able to hear the sounds from the music or show he was listening to from across the room. The Kids Safe Headphones effectively keeps the noise isolated to the listener.

The Hello Kitty design is cute, and I had intended to pass the headphones off to my 9-year-old niece. Well, maybe not. I don’t think my son plans to give them up anytime soon!

Chill-laxing in his in his Hello Kitty headphones….I will use this against him in middle school!

Trish: These headphones are fantastic for children! I received the Hello Kitty headphones and my oldest child and myself tried these out together. The first thing I noticed was the padding on the speakers, this eliminates all the outside noises so you can really focus and hear what you are trying to listen to with the headphones. They are adjustable and fit my 5 year old’s head perfectly and even adjusted to fit my head perfectly! The padding is also very comfortable unlike the ear buds my son was previously using. I also noticed these are volume limiting which is FANTASTIC! I don’t want my child blasting his eardrums out cranky the volume up way too high when he’s listening to a video or listening to music. I turned the volume up full blast on my iPod and the sound never blew me away like it would with our regular head phones that we use. As a mother, I want my child to be protected, ear drums and all! My son also didn’t mind that he was wearing pink headphones, at first I thought he would yell at me for getting him girly pink ones but he didn’t even care about what color they were! He was just happy that he could comfortably sit down and listen to music and videos without the ear buds hurting his ears. We really enjoy these headphones and if you have a child who is big on listening to music or likes to enjoy videos on the computer and would like to use headphones to do so, these are perfect for you! Kids will enjoy the fun prints and how comfortable these are and parents will enjoy the fact that their child’s ears are protected while listening!

The Kid-Safe headphone series features a built-in volume limiter, which protects children’s hearing by automatically limiting audio volume to approximately 80% of the original maximum volume. These headphones are safe to use for children from 3-9 years old.


Laurie: These are obviously kids’ headphones… cute, little… pink, did I mention cute?  I asked my husband, son and daughter to try these out. Got quite a few chuckles from my 20-something guys (would have liked to get photos of them wearing the headphones!) My daughter used to have My Little Pony toys when she was younger, so she thought they were cool. I used them with my hearing aids and even that seemed to work quite well. They’re not quite as good of quality as desired for adult listening (not a lot of bass sound), but they certainly could be used and are just fine for kids. I really like that they have a noise-limiting feature so little folks don’t crank up the volume and hurt their ears (it’s true, listening to loud music WILL damage your hearing!) They can be used for music or computer. So, if you’ve got a little girl in your house, you should check out these My Little Pony or Barbie headphones!  My 8-year old niece LOVES them!

The Hello Kitty Kid-Safe Headphones are compatible with all portable devices that feature a 3.5mm stereo jack output, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and portable gaming devices such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS series. These headphones are also compatible with laptops, PCs, CD players, and home audio systems.

Pat: My granddaughter loves Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and Barbie, so these headphones were a welcome treat!  She had the hardest time deciding which to get. They are both so cute!  They have Kid-Safe technology for safe listening, which is so important for little ones to protect their hearing.  They have a standard plug-in jack that will insert into any device – from a laptop, computer speaker, tablet or phone, so they’re sure to be used!  My granddaughter’s school actually required them to have a pair of headphones for their library time when they use the a/v equipment. I was thrilled to be able to provide these stylish ones, and she tells me all her friends now want some too!

Large, full-range drivers give you a rich sound experience, with crisp highs and warm, clear bass tones. The ear cups are lightweight with thick, comfortable padding to provide noise isolation, while the headband bends easily for a comfortable fit.

Heather: We are a family of music lovers here, and have gone through our fair share of ear buds, and headphones through the years. I’m not a big fan of ear buds myself. I prefer the big headphones that cover your ears completely, drown out all the outside sounds, and immerse you into whatever you’re listening to. My little girl really enjoys her music too! I will often times catch her dancing around in her room all crazy to her favorite (Katy Perry), or she will sneak off with my MP3 player, and tune in to a pop station. So, we were really excited to get to review these Hello Kitty Kids Safe Headphones!

The first thing I noticed about these is the fit. It was nice, and snug to both of our heads. With my little girl, she will often times have to adjust headphones as they tend to fall a lot, but with these they stayed right in place. Next, they are so comfortable! Ours have a nice cushioning that holds against your ears. This also helped with noise isolation. The sound was nice, and clear and there was no *static* sounds which usually seems to be an issue a lot when wires are moving around. Finally, these are super cute! The colors, and designs have great appeal for girls! I will be 30 years old this year, and will totally be rockin’ these in public! 🙂

These headphones are all around great quality, a lot of fun, and for sure  worth the buy!