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CakeBallz Review

If you like cake pops, you will LOVE Cakeballz! The frosting is firm and not too sweet; the inside is dense, moist and so yummy! Great for Easter baskets!


Cakeballz Review

If you love cake pops, you will not believe how amazing and wonderful Cakeballz are! The frosting is firm and not too sweet; the inside is dense and moist and oh so yummy!

To summarize our review (scroll down to read it all): Cakeballz are very tasty and they’re beautiful. They’d be great to serve any time. From Little League to high tea, your event will be better with Cakeballz! Kids of all ages will love the taste! A really unique and fun idea for Easter baskets, Mother’s day gift giving or just to have on hand.  You can get them at select Walgreens stores. Suggested retail is under $2 per package.

There are three flavors to choose from:

Red Velvet: Is there really a better word than “velvety” to describe one of the most amazing treats that will ever hit your mouth? We didn’t think so. One bite of our red velvet cake ball and you’ll never look at cake the same way again.

Birthday Cake: Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their birthday every day of the year? Well, now you can with these bite-sized birthday cake balls. Delicious birthday cake is surrounded by a succulent white icing

Chocolate: “I hate chocolate cake”… said no one ever. What do you call something that’s made of chocolate, dipped in chocolate, and sprinkled in chocolate? Flaky, milk chocolate madness. It’s a type of sweet madness

National Cake Ball Brands (Cakeballz) was born out of one simple desire: provide a tastier and fresher alternative to the current snack cakes you’ll find on the shelves of your local grocery or convenience store. We also know that at this day and age, no one has time for baking, but everyone still loves a nice bit of cake from time-to-time.

By taking cake and putting it into cake ball form, Cakeballz is able to satisfy with big flavor and mini-sized guilt. Each package comes with three cake balls and are the perfect size and amount to enjoy yourself or share with friends and family.

“Big cake flavor. Bite-sized guilt.”

“Good things come in threes.”

Here’s what the GimmieGirls team thought of Cakeballz:

Debbie: As any mom knows, a good indication of whether something tastes good is how fast it’s eaten up. Yep, my Cake Ballz lasted a day at my house. My family inhaled the yummy balls of cake and frosting like they had never tasted anything more delicious. My older son asked when I was going to get more! My family definitely lets me know when they like something, and Cakeballz were a HUGE hit at my house! Not only are they tasty, they are actually pretty. They are dressy enough to use for a formal affair – a tea party, baby or wedding shower. The appearance of food is an indication of the care the culinary artist puts into their creations and Cakeballz did not disappoint. The Cakeballz arrived packed with three in each box. They were shipped with an insulated bag and an ice pack. I appreciate the care they put into ensuring the Cakeballz arrived in great condition. So, how did they taste?  Cakeballz were moist on the inside, and the outer frosting covering was firm but not too hard. My favorite was Red Velvet. Red Velvet is my favorite kind of cake, and it is a popular cake down here in the south. I loved the Red Velvet Cakeballz!! My family loved all three flavors. I asked which one they would pick if they had to pick one; they said all of them!  I also love that the Cakeballz were cute and little. They were the perfect size to pop into your mouth (no dainty bites in my house full of boys!) They would look so elegant on a cake plate or a small platter to serve for dessert. They would be a great mother’s day gift or teacher gift! Whichever way you decide to serve Cakeballz, they are delicious and attractive; a sweet feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

Trish: The Cakeballz I received were fantastic! When they shipped, they came with a cold pack to ensure they stayed fresh. That showed me they really care about their product arriving to you in perfect condition! I received 3 different Cakeballz flavors: Red Velvet, Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cake. They all had a fantastic taste. These were very moist, not dry at all, the outside was nice and crunchy and the inside stayed soft, chewy, and moist. My favorite flavor would have to be the Birthday Cake Cakeballz! They taste just like a real birthday cake would taste! The chocolate Cakeballz were my second favorite, they were very rich and chocolately, perfectly paired with a glass of milk! The Red Velvet Cakeballz were just as rich, I’m not a huge fan of red velvet cakes, but these were pretty fantastic as well! We stored our Cakeballz in the fridge when we were not eating them, these kept for a long time without getting stale, they probably would have kept longer if we hadn’t eaten them so quickly! The packaging was great too, with fun colors, and they came with three of each flavor per package. Cakeballz are the perfect quick sweet treat if you don’t feel like going all out and baking something yourself. And they’re just the right size to grab and enjoy to satisfy a sweet tooth craving! I will definitely grab these next time I’m at Walgreens! My kids loved them, they were easy for them to eat and they didn’t make a terrible mess like they would with a piece of regular cake. I think these would also make a perfect dessert for a small gathering or get-together. Impress your friends with this beautiful treat! I really enjoyed these and my family did as well, a really great treat!

Heather: We are a family full of cake lovers, and I lead the pack! I love cake, plain and simple! That’s why I was so excited to try these NEW Cakeballz! I have made my own Cake Balls/Pops several times before, since the whole idea has really gone mainstream. They are so fun to eat, but I had no idea you could purchase them retail!

Cakeballz come in 3 different flavors: Birthday, Red Velvet and Chocolate (my FAVORITE). Vanilla is usually my first choice with any cake, but I gotta tell you these Chocolate Cakeballz are so decadent, and rich – I instantly fell in love! This was my little girl’s favorite also, she said they tasted just like a brownie!

I was so happy to find these are being sold at Walgreens, the samples they sent us to try did not last very long in my house! In the future I would love to see some additional flavor options such as Mocha and Carrot Cake (yummy, right!?!) I think it would also be nice to offer up a sampler trio of their 3 current flavors sold in one package, that way we get to try a little bit of everything!  These are such a great idea, and a fantastic treat!

Reylin: When I first received CakeBallz, I was super impressed with how well they were packed. The company makes sure nothing will happen to them while they’re being delivered to your home, and that they will stay fresh. They weren’t just thrown in a box. The CakeBallz were packed tightly in a ziplock bag along with a cool pack, and around the ziplock bag was bubble wrap. Now as for the CakeBallz, I wasn’t as impressed with them as I was with how they were packed. I received Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake, and Red Velvet Cake. I decided to try Birthday Cake first because I LOVE birthday cake flavored things. When I had cut one open, I noticed they were very doughy. I figured maybe that’s how they’re suppose to be so I went on to bite it. I loved the coating, but the inside didn’t have the strong birthday cake flavor I was expecting. I barely tasted that specific flavor. The cake ball reminded me of a white chocolate candy with sprinkles filled with bland, under baked, cake batter flavored dough. The next one I tried was Red Velvet. Unlike the Birthday Cake CakeBallz, the inside of the red velvet ones did have a bit more flavor, but the coating on these alone weren’t as tasty as the ones on the birthday cake Cakeballz. The coating was flavorless, but the inside had a very mild red velvet flavored dough. I’m thinking maybe a cream cheese-like type of coating probably would have made these better. The Chocolate Cake Cakeballz had the most flavor out of all of them and was my favorite. When I unwrapped them, I first noticed a nice, chocolately scent. The other two Cakeballz didn’t have much of a scent. Both the coating and the inside had very strong flavors that I loved. The dough tasted like brownies a bit, and the coating reminded me of milk chocolate frosting. While I did think the coating overpowered the dough a bit, I found this one to be the best tasting cake ball out of all of them. Overall, I think Cakeballz are a nice treat. I definitely enjoyed trying all of them and seeing how well Cakeballz took three popular cake flavors and turned them into cake balls. And while I wasn’t too impressed with them, my little sister absolutely loved them and said they were amazing, so I definitely would recommend these to anyone looking to try something new.

Wendy:  Imagine trying to make your own donuts. Maybe they’re good, maybe they’re a total fail – but no matter what they’re just not Krispy Kreme! Okay, that’s just an example (and now I’m hungry!), but what I’m trying to say is these little balls of frosted heaven are professionally handmade and words really cannot do them justice. You’ve gotta try Cakeballz to believe it! The taste was unexpected. They taste like cake, I thought. And, they do but they’re do dense and moist, it’s almost like eating cake batter but in a good way. Almost more along the lines of a brownie in terms of texture and density. They are thick, rich and delicious. My little girl was expecting the frosting to be like regular cake frosting, so when she bit down nothing happened. She made a funny face because she thought she was doing something wrong. (lol) Her second attempt went much better, and she bit half, chewed it up and smiled really big as she eyed the other half. We were supposed to SHARE it! No luck, she ate the whole thing. Okay, okay, they’re not real big. Actually, they’re a perfect bite size – but just a little too big for a kid to eat in one bite. And, within two days they were all gone. I did well to start with, I had a nibble of one just to see. Then, well there were three flavors and I did tell them I’d review them, so I had to try them all, right?  I was so proud to report to my fellow GimmieGirls that I’d only eaten the equivalent of one Cakeballz, but by the time I sat down to write this I had actually eaten two packs of them. Whoopsie. But, dang they’re good!!

Laurie: First of all, I was impressed with their shipping package. My Cakeballz arrived by mail, very well packed in a cardboard box with an insulated pouch and an ice/cold pack.  Next, the Cakeballz and their packaging are just SO cute!  They’d be just perfect at a wedding or at a bridal or baby shower.  At $1.99 for a package of 3 (suggested retail), that could add up for a large group, (plus you’d have to deal with portion control, lol).  I shared some with my family, after giving explicit instructions that they were to nibble and savor these, and not chomp ‘em down in 2 bites (or even worse… 1 bite!). The Birthday Cakeballz are my favorite. I really liked the outer layer of icing, and the inside was great as well. Dense and moist, yummy! My kids liked Red Velvet Cakeballz best and said that they are not too doughy and not too crumbly. They are rich and sweet without being too much of either. My husband liked the Chocolate Cakeballz. His comment was “They are darned good!”  Looks like they are about 70 calories each which would not be bad for a little sweet fix. Calories would add up fast if you ate a lot of these. They are available at many Walgreen locations. Warning, they can be addicting!

Pat: I love cake as much as the next person, and was excited when these fun little treats arrived in my mailbox. As the others have said, they were packed well for shipment and arrived intact.  They tasted great, although the birthday cake flavor was a bit doughy for my tastes. I still managed to eat them. <grin> Chocolate was my favorite flavor, and the Red Velvet a close second. They were delish!  I’d be proud to serve them to my girlfriends for coffee, or at a formal party. They’re pretty, petite and yummy. And, at 70 calories per ball, you can have a few and not feel too guilty.  They come in packs of three so you can share!  Their packaging is cute, and would make a great gift, such as a stocking stuffer or Easter basket filler.  In summary, I would like another, please! 🙂