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5 Tips to Save Money on Summer Travel

Read these 5 easy tips for saving money on summer travel. Surprisingly, there are many things you can do to experience frugal fun during the sunny season!


5 Tips to Save Money on Summer Travel

Since summer is finally here, traveling is probably on your list of things to do this season. It is for me! Some money-saving tips for summer are always useful to have. There are always some helpful things to do to keep money in your pocket while having fun in the sun! Check out this list of 5 tips to save on summer travel, for ways to have frugal fun.

  1. FREE Fun: prior to heading out, check out our FREE Travel section to find discounted airfare, save on car rental and hotel, and even find cheap cruise prices! Don’t miss our free family events – whether you’re planning a staycation locally or at your destination – find entertainment without spending a cent on it.
  2. Save with House Swapping! When traveling, you don’t have to stay in a cramped hotel, consider swapping your home with another at your destination. Check it out!
  3. Munchies: when it comes to road trips, flying or traveling in any manner, buying food on the go can really squeeze you dry! You could save by buying snack food and drinks beforehand at a local grocery store, and use coupons for extra savings toward your purchase(s). Be sure to check out our FREE In Store With Coupon section before you hit the road!
  4. Reward Programs: in addition to getting the best price on airfare, sign up for a free air miles program. Many airlines have their own program or check out a travel-friendly program called They offer free travel miles in return for viewing their collection of online ads. Easy right? And don’t forget to sign up with your HOTEL chain’s rewards program. You can earn earn rewards, including gift cards and travel miles. Try using to earn points and redeem them for free night stays at a variety of hotels. You have 6,000 locations to choose from! No matter if you’re traveling near or far, sign up for FUEL REWARDS be sure to sign up for gasoline fuel programs that will allow you to fuel up your car and earn cash back! For example, Kroger currently has a fuel program to join to save on fuel purchases at a local Kroger station or Shell station. It adds up to great savings!  Check out our Fuel Reward Program Roundup in this link.
  5. All Inclusive Vacation Packages: nothing saves a BUNDLE quite like bundling! Don’t miss Groupon’s travel deals where you can save up to 90% on vacation bundles which can include hotel, all your food and drinks, and sometimes even airfare and ground transport (getting to and from airport).

I hope these ideas add more cash to your wallet and more fun to your summer. For more money-saving inspiration and tips, check out Slickdeals. ENJOY your summer, and be safe!!

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