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2018 New Years Resolutions Gift Guide


2018 New Years Resolutions Gift Guide

Welcome to my favorite New Years Resolutions! Give them as gifts, or gift to yourself!

I’ve compiled my favorite deals to make this the BEST New Year’s ever! Find a whole new you with these recommendations.

Make sure to come back! I’ll be adding more as they become available!

Break BAD Habits

  • Easy & Simple Clean Eating = Health & Weight Loss!

    Clean Eating Made Simple is a 28-day plan with nutrition coach, Anne Jackson. Anne happens to be a friend of mine, whom I trust completely. Not only that, dozens of friends of mine have already gone through her system and they have one thing in common: they've all lost weight! Anne's Clean Eating Made Simple system teaches you the specific ingredients to avoid in processed food, and the hidden additives and preservatives which are making us fat and sick! This is easy to make, down-home food that tastes great. Even my kids love it! It's perfect for busy lifestyles that have NO time to cook! Includes everything you need to get started!  Grab the whole program here. TRY IT FREE! Or, snag the FREE 5-day Meal Plan (CLICK HERE) (I lost 8 lbs on it!), click link and enter your email address! WIN IT FREE! You can also enter to WIN a Month! CLICK HERE!Buy Now
  • Quit Smoking for Good!

    Nicorette nicotine gum and nicotine lozenges, as well as NicoDerm CQ nicotine patches can help you quit smoking. Find out which stop smoking cessation aids are right for you, and quit for good! As a former smoker, I know how hard it can be to quit. I quit 16 years ago and my husband quit three years ago. He tried many times, to no avail. But, with the help of stop-smoking aids he was able to kick the habit once and for all!CLICK HERE

Create GOOD Habits

  • Free Books for Kids

    All New Year's Resolutions don't have to be about breaking bad habits, they can (and should!) be about developing GOOD habits. And, what better habit for a kid than reading!? You can get hundreds (actually eleven thousand!) kids books completely free on Amazon. These books are geared toward children, ranging in topic from jokes to learning to read. And, there are free books for kids of all ages! These books can be read on any device with their free reader app.CLICK HERE


  • Lugz Footwear

    Lugz Footwear Review: The Gimmie Girls tested out some HOT new kicks from Lugz. If you thought Lugz were just work boots, it's time to retrain your brain! They have super stylish shoes for men, women and kids. They're made very well and it shows! They wear well, which is a huge plus if you've got kids or teens who burn through shoes like mine do! Our absolute favorite footwear:  Women's Empire Hi Fur Boots, look cool and keep warm in any temperature! Women's Regent Lo Oxford Sneaker, classic and timeless, and built to last. Women's Mallard 6-inch Boot, get ready to stand out this winter in these gorgeous, comfortable and highly rated boots. Men's Regent Sneaker, casually styled yet so smart! This shoe is all about comfort with a padded collar, cushioned mesh tongue, round toe for extra room, a padded footbed and rubber midsole makes sure you're steppin' out in style and comfort!  Shop Now
  • Ready Desk Standing Desk

    If your resolution is to be healthier, consider a standing desk and get up off your duff! Get this, 3 hours of standing for 5 days a week, burns as many calories as running a marathon per month! Reduces stress on your spine while activating muscles in your legs and core. The Readydesk 2 provides separate work platforms that independently adjust to your height so you can work with proper standing posture. Strong and sturdy, the wide shelves fit computers, monitors, laptops, and peripherals. This is a great way to make small changes that make a positive impact on your health and well being. We're not the only ones who love it, check out the rave reviews on Amazon! Then enter to win one in our New Year's Resolution Giveaways!Buy Now
  • OESH Shoes

    Designed for women by a woman physician/scientist/engineer, the OESH Collection claims to be a high performing and uniquely comfortable healthy women’s footwear. Our reviewers unanimously agreed, these shoes are luxurious, beautiful and super comfortable. What makes them different? The astonishing OESH® Zero-360 Sole, able to respond to your natural posture and movement with a healthy, buoyant, compliance–and now with even more of the gentle spring in the footbed. Fit to the distinct shape of a woman’s foot, the Lea Storm Cloud and Grapefruit features a spacious forefoot and toe area combined with a soft and deep heel, built to accommodate a run, walk, hike, dance, or other lateral movement regimen, yet light enough to be worn all day. Featuring gorgeous colors in Storm Cloud (blue and gray) and Grapefruit (deep, bright orange and yellow). The Lea is a perfect way to outfit your feet and meet your New Year's Resolutions! Don't let sore feet slow you down! Enter to WIN a pair in our giveaways! We're giving away two!Buy Now
  • Indoor “Spin” Bike (Great Peloton Alternative!)

    Step aside, Peloton! Why spend $2,000 - $4,000 on an indoor cycling bicycle (known by a popular brand name Spin Bike or Spinning Class), when you can save money AND get high quality?  Peloton makes the most gorgeous commercials, which make me want their bike so badly! I saw one in person and fell even harder (in love). But, I just couldn't get past the pricetag. Peloton charges $39.99 per month for their subscription service to online / live Peloton workouts classes. There is NO getting around that charge. And, you have to pay for a year upfront when you buy their spinbikes. Oh, and there's shipping of around $250. Plus, if you want extra gear like weights ($50 for 2 - 2 lb weights? Are you kidding me?) Spin shoes are about $100 a pop. No wonder they come with financing!  I found an alternative I'm so excited about. Simple, get a highly rated Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike (why belt vs. chain driven? They're similar, but belt-drive requires less maintenance, is a smoother ride and is quieter). You can score the Sunny B1423 for under $200 with Amazon's credit card (or under $250 without). And shipping on this heavy beast is free! Set up your tablet or iPad with a free spin class app, on the Tablet Mount for Spin & Exercise Bikes Handlebars, iPad Holder.  Grab it for under $15 shipped with Free Prime 2-day Shipping, here! I have both, and highly recommend these as an alternative to the expensive Peloton spin bike!Buy Now
  • Men’s Athletic Wear

    Style and comfort - on and off the court or course. You can't go wrong with my men's athleticwear recommendations for New Year's Resolutions-come true! Stick with the basics. Easy to move in, easy to wear, and easy on the eyes. Check out all of the menswear from top to bottom!CLICK HERE
  • Fitness Trackers

    Whether it's an original Fitbit, Jawbone, Jarv, Razer, Everlast, Pyle, Chill, RBX, iFit, Motorola, Samsung, or another brand -- tracking your steps leads to awareness which leads to action! Get fit and show off your style with these athletic wear wristbands. Join HERE and find the Fitness Trackers catalog to see my recommendations! And, don't miss our Groupon recs here.CLICK HERE
  • Top Workouts DVD & Streaming

    While I'm a fan of BeachBody's P90x, T25, 21-Day Fix, Hip Hop Abs, and others, let's face it. We're in the age of Chill. You can score some pretty sweet workout videos on Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube. And, there are even Facebook Live workouts you can do along with the #ShapeSquad. While enjoying my NordicTrac skiier, I've streamed YouTube videos on my iPad of cross-country skiing shot from a GoPro to keep my mind occupied. It's a lot more entertaining than a super low-tech dot on the machine's meter thingy.CLICK HERE
  • Exercise Equipment

    Get fit and keep your New Year Resolution! You'll feel better, look better and you'll be stronger (and probably healthier!) The best part of this gear is it's all stuff you can spend your SYW points on, and you'll earn points on qualified purchases. It's a win-win! CLICK HERE and get started, then find my catalog called EXERCISE EQUIPMENT to see all my recommendations!CLICK HERE
  • Yoga Essentials

    Gear up with everything from Yoga pants, tanks, belts, straps, headbands, and grippy socks, to resistance bands, mats, foam blocks and stability balls! Look good and retain comfort and stability, and stay healthy with quality products designed with technology built into it to inhibit stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Did you know on unprotected surfaces bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes? MicrobanR protection lasts throughout the yoga mat's lifespan. Protect your body as you practice good health and well-being. Prices start under $3!CLICK HERE
  • Double-Pocket Running Belt

    Don't lose anything while you run (or even just run errands!) This is the perfect stocking stuffer, reminiscent of a hip pack or fanny pack but sleek and streamlined. The Running Belt has two expandable pockets to bring your iPhone 6, Samsung S5 or similar smartphone, keys and wallet. Made of heavy duty materials like YKK Reinforced zipper, 3-layer TPU water-resistant material protects items, Heavy-duty buckle that will stand up to your toughest workouts.


Party Supplies

  • Free Cab Ride on New Year’s Eve!

    Don't miss this! Don't risk drinking and driving, get a free cab ride home on NYE. Determine if you need a cab, and find out how to get one here!CLICK HERE

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